Article Title: Reasons to Pick the Agera Energy Company

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There are several reasons why you might want to choose the Agera Energy company over a lot of the other energy providers in your area. Be sure to check out Agera Energy on their social media accounts through Facebook and Twitter to see what they are up to and the latest projects they are involved with currently. You will find that the Agera Energy company offers great products at affordable prices, making the process of switching a lot easier for you. You will also find that Agera Energy is giving back to the community because of the amount of stock that is currently available for people to purchase. By working with the company, you will find that the energy that you have for your home or business is going to be a whole lot cheaper for you and easier for you to make use of when it is most needed.

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Neurocore Neurofeedback Training Helps Athletes in Intense Situations

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For the longest time, Kirk Cousins has had problems with focus when he wished he had clarity. While he struggled to prove himself, there was always a moment where he wasn’t able to perform due to a sudden flip of a switch in his brain. It was his fight-or-flight response triggering another response that often led to the wrong call on the field. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The Michigan-based company Neurocore has been studying’s athletes’ brains for awhile. They have also been working on a way to pinpoint where symptoms of brain disorders come from using new technology and data. While biofeedback has always been used to treat chronic pain and high blood pressure, neurofeedback has become the way to treat symptoms of brain disorders, such as insomnia, depression, and ADHD.

Neurocore has a developed a way for patients to train their brains towards better responses. In the case of Cousins, Neurocore’s Brain Performance Center helped him with neurofeedback training to give him more focus and better muscle memory responses. Others come to the Brain Performance Center to work out other issues with stress.

Ultimately, as Neurocore’s doctors have found, brain disorders are often a response to stress. In intense situation, the brain may not be able to decipher the right reaction. Everyone has probably experienced that in some way, but when you have depression, anxiety, and insomnia, these problems can become chronic and create issues for everyday life. Brain training is a way around that. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Each neurofeedback training session is about 30 minutes long. These are typically tailored to the symptoms that are being treated. For example, if someone is dealing with depression, neurofeedback training will look to help with stress responses attached to sleep, work, eating, and a need for perfection. The trainee is typically unaware that they are even being adjusted as they watch a movie. In the background, data is being pinpointed and adjusted by neurofeedback technology.

While these high-tech brain training machines may sound like a science fiction novel, it’s actually become quite common to train your brain every day. In fact, most people have some kind of brain training app on their phone. Some of the most popular include Lumosity and Self Care. Whether you are looking to relax or train “up” your brain, Neurocore says that it is simply about training your brain to handle stress responses with positive muscle memory feedback.

After Cousins went through neurofeedback training, he landed a 3-year contract with the Minnesota Vikings for $84 million.


Guilherme Paulus’ Advice to the Budding Entrepreneur

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Guilherme Paulus is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in Brazil. He started out as an intern after his education and has over the years made a mark in the business world. He is currently the chairman of the board of advisors of Brazilian tour company CVC Brazil and resorts. The brand of hotels is currently running operations in multiple locations. When he started his career as an intern at IBM Guilherme, Paulus had great ambition to be the best in the business world. Even though he made mistakes from time to time, he never gave but instead, he learned from the mistakes, dusted himself and kept on working hard towards his dreams. His brand of hotels and resorts employs over 5,000 people in turn affecting many families by improving their living standards.

When asked where he got the idea to start his company Guilherme Paulus stated that the idea did not originate from him but from his close friend Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. The two friends became acquaintances on a boat trip and during their lengthy discussions, he told Guilherme Paulus of his prospects of opening a tourist agency in Santo André. They later agreed to partner up because Guilherme did not have the capital to start and run the company. With time Guilherme ventured off on his own and the company began to grow rapidly.

A closer look at the life of Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme advised entrepreneurs to always wake up with gratitude for the things they have been blessed with. To always be extremely optimistic and to always seize the opportunity when it presents itself. He stated that the hardest part of an entrepreneur’s journey was taking the first leap of faith but encouraged entrepreneurs to be steadfast and not to give up even if they fail at first. Guilherme Paulus stated that the improvement that has been made on technology has fascinated him. How smart technology has been integrated into our day to day life has captured his attention. He further stated that for one to succeed, they need to be hard workers and not just talented. This is because he believed that hard work evens out the playground and separates the lazy ones from the successful diligent workers.


Michelin and JD.Com Launch TYREPLUS, A First-Party Flagship Store

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JingDong or JD.Com, one of the largest online retailers in China and Michelin China, has recently launched a first-party flagship store in the platform of The international tire manufacturer’s collaboration with China’s e-commerce titan will integrate the manufacturer’s offline networks for auto service. Through this, consumers who purchase Michelin tires on the platform of will get the privilege to select high-end service networks offered by Michelin China.

This includes TyrePlus, which give the customers the chance to experience premium installation service. The partnership of Michelin China and started in 2016, and the latest move is another milestone in their collaboration. The debut of the first-party flagship store on the platform is the first ever initiative where Michelin China allowed’s platform to sell premium tires directly to its wide range of online customers.

The smooth addition of the TYREPLUS offline service network will provide new standards of convenience. TYREPLUS is an offline service network launched by Michelin Group to offer aftermarket service. This service is now integrated with JingDong’s JD Auto Service. This latest move is a part of the recent strategy of the Chinese e-commerce giant called Boundaryless Retail.

This strategy believes that consumers should be able to purchase anything that they want whenever and wherever they prefer it. This means that it should be available both in offline or online services. The two titans hope that this most recent move will yield better sales performance and more convenience to more than 300 million customers of Michelin China. This is in consideration of’s overall tires sales in 2018, which achieved triple-digit increase.

TYREPLUS, the latest flagship store assures customers that they only get authentic Michelin products. Additionally, the unmatched logistics of will make sure that customers will receive their orders to the offline service center of their choice for efficient and professional installation.

According to the vice president of Michelin China, Roc Liu, understands that car owners would like to have smooth integration of their online purchase with offline installation every time they purchase tires. has evolved and over the years has become one of the key players in the auto parts and services sector in China. Futher Commercializes AR with Children’s Book

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E-commerce giant is using its powers for good in a recent offering to Chinese parents. The international online retailer is using augmented reality to bring a German book on stranger-danger to life. The book, “I’m Not Going with Everyone!”, is a popular choice for Chinese parents attempting to safeguard their children from suspicious adult interactions. The AR-version is an attempt from Jingdong to address a scary trend in missing children seen worldwide. However, the real story underneath JD’s kind gesture is in the technology it is using.

Augmented realty uses computer generation to enhance reality rather than replace it like virtual reality does. It projects images onto real-life objects allowing users to better interact. In terms of technology it is the latest thing, and is right at the frontlines with commercial application.

So far, Jingdong has used AR to enhance the online retail experience. Users can use AR fitting rooms to try on perspective clothing or AR styling stations to virtually apply brands of make-up. The experience is wholly immersive and allows consumers to experience a realistic feel of how products will actually look on them. The AR-storybook is another example of the commercial application AR-tech holds. It is also a great example of its benefit. has made a name for itself with is exploration of advancing technologies and their use in a commercial spectrum. Along with those commercial applications have also been insights into the benefits such tech presents. is at the forefront of drone technology and already operates commercial drone delivery in many regions of China. The company has also applied its drone tech to areas outside of China that are warming up to the idea of commercial drone application. Such places, Indonesia for example, also look at drones for their use in emergency matters. Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong is a advocate for the future and is not afraid to invest in the tech that brings that future closer.

The AR-storybook is an additional feature offered to buyers of the physical book. It is available for download through JD’s app to any smart device. The immersive quality of the book has already demonstrated AR’s beneficial use for education.

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Betsy DeVos Pushes Through Her Educational Interests

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Before taking up her position as Secretary of Education in Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos was known to her local Michigan political arena. People who are familiar with her way of working have a fear of her, and it is not because she is a billionaire.


As a woman of a great fortune and the wife of the heir and former CEO of Amway, Betsy DeVos is a relentless woman that is not easy to change her course once she sets her mind on something. Betsy DeVos was an ardent fighter for the funding of private schools and charter schools. She has worked relentlessly to remove people from positions and place those that share her interest in altering the American educational system. According to her, the current public education system has outlived its purpose and is no longer cooperative of the American dream.


Her entrance into Washington D.C. was not a smooth one. At the Senate confirmation hearings, she gave unconfident answers to questions on education and federal law. Although media has tried to portray her as ignorant on this initial introduction into Washington D.C., she is not ready to accept the criticism or let it stop her. She only shrugged off any mockery and continued to work for her cause.


The first thing she did as she entered the Educational Department was to contact Ms. Weingarten and Lily Eskelsen Garcia — two leaders of teacher’s unions in Washington D. C. Ms. Weingarten accepted her call, and the two of them plant to begin visiting schools together. According to observers, it was a smart move of her. It only showed that she does not give in to competition and mockery only enlivens her.


Her work at the Educational Department is not free of challenges. She does not always agree with the politics of the Trump administration regarding the educational system. This was seen in the recent announcement of President Trump on the rescinding of using school bathrooms according to gender identity. On the announcement, Betsy DeVos was more than politically correct by confirming that the decision was an example of an overreach of the Obama administration.


Behind the scenes, things do not look the same. As the change was made known to the Educational Department, Betsy DeVos met with a representative of the gay and transgender employees in order to warn them of the new change. Although she wanted to intervene in their decision, Trump was swayed in his decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It was only natural as Jeff Sessions was a veteran in Washington and for a long time had an influence over Mr. Trump’s decisions. However, people who know Betsy DeVos expect her to find her way through the ropes and challenges in Washington D.C. and learn to get her way.


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Michael Nierenberg, the CEO and President of New Residential Investment Corp

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Michael Nierenberg is the current chief executive officer of the New Residential Investment Corp which is based in the United States. It is one of the best investment firms which deal mainly with real estate investments and other long term ventures. Michael is aged 55, and he doubles as the chairman of the company’s board of directors. He was appointed the CEO of the company in the year 2016, and since then he has been responsible for leveraging the firm’s productivity.

Michael Nierenberg has an estimated Net worth of $ 16.5 million as of the latest forbes reports of the 22nd February 2019. He owns more than 60 00 units of the New Residential Investment Corp stock which worth’s over $ 16, 463,122. Since he joined the firm, Michael has sells 362,472 units for every 129 days.He plays a vital role in the development and growth of the company.

Michael Nierenberg is a highly reputable business professional who has worked for some of the biggest investment companies in the country. He has worked as the head of global mortgages and securitized products as well as the managing director at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He also worked for JP Morgan as the head of securitized products, and prior to this, he was an employee at Bear Stearns Company. He worked at Bear Stearns for fourteen years assuming positions like head of interest rates, trading operations and co-head of structured products as well as the cathead of mortgage-backed securities.

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Prime Mover Isabel Dos Santos Take On Digitalizing Africa

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In the modern economy, you have to integrate business and technology to remain competitive. African leaders and entrepreneurs are working hard to impact change in their communities. Isabel dos Santos is not an exception. She is a reckoned businesswoman with vast experience in the management of information systems. In her speech in the European Parliament, she said technology is the only weapon Africans can use to develop their economies (Africanews).

Integration of technology with banking and agriculture will help the sectors grow. She is Unitel´s chairwoman, an Angolan mobile operator, where she called everyone on board to take part in the noble act. Africans need to be trained on how to use technology. According to her through a partnership of the European Union and African government, they can explore the opportunities that exist in Africa.

Isabel dos Santos is dedicated to revolutionizing African market to digital. This can only be achieved if they join hands and develop urban plans congruent for smart cities. Cities should have reliable transport systems, clean water quality, and affordable healthcare. Isabel dos Santos narrates that all these dreams can be achieved if we deploy technology in our planning. As a result, Africans will enjoy the low cost of living and proper management of environmental resources.

According to her, Africans are hardworking and produce agricultural products in large quantities. If technology can be integrated with agriculture, production will rise, and there will be a good use of African soil. To develop the African market, the fundamental legal framework need to be laid down. The first step is educating people and their leaders. This will reduce resistance when technology is introduced in various sectors.

Isabel Dos Santos calls for job creation in Africa. Investors should concentrate on the African market and invest their fortune in various appealing sectors. This will aid in growing young talents in Africa. She has led as an example and shown her passion for Africa development. Her organization, Unitel has partnered with Google to build a submarine fiber optic cable linking Africa to Brazil and America.

Isabel dos Santos has encouraged governments and investors in Africa to boost small businesses and local production. This can be achieved by hiring locally and procuring locally manufactured goods.

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Jingdong Enhances Its Strategic Partnership with Farfetch to Create the First-Ever Luxury Gateway to China

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Farfetch is a global technology leader that offers a platform for the luxury fashion industry. The firm is publicly traded and uses the initials (FTCH) in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Jingdong, popularly known as is the largest online retailer in China in terms of sales turnover and revenue. Jingdong is also a globally renowned player in the e-commerce space for its contributions to the designing and developing futuristic technological solutions. Similar to Farfetch, Jingdong is publicly traded but on NASDAQ Stock Exchange (NASDAQ) using the initials (JD). The two global leaders in their respective fields recently announced that they would be enhancing and expanding their strategic partnership, the objective being to provide the first-ever luxury gateway to China for luxury brands.

Under the new agreement, Jingdong’s Toplife will merge into Farfetch China and its existing China business. Jingdong enjoys an active client base consisting of an excess of 300 million shoppers on the app. The enhanced and expanded strategic partnership will see Farfetch gain a “Level 1” access to Jingdong’s 300 million plus shoppers on its online app. As a result, Jingdong’s clients will be in apposition to access over 3000 brands through Farfetch’s network; this includes access to more than 1000 premium luxury brands and boutique partners. The new strategic partnership will be building on Jingdong and Farfetch’s partnership that was established back in July 2017.

Currently, Jingdong is one of Farfetch’s largest shareholders. The partnership between Jingdong and Farfetch is designed in a way that it is mutually beneficial and sustainable. Since the commencement of the alliance, Farfetch has been utilizing and leveraging Jingdong’s logistics capabilities in mainland China and China as a whole. On the other hand, Jingdong has been benefiting from insights on the behavior of China’s luxury consumers. Farfetch is set to strengthen its China business through the acquisition of CuriosityChina, which is one of the pioneers and leading integrated marketing and social commerce firm. The recent enhancement of Jingdong and Farfetch partnership will see Jingdong have access to Farfetch’s logistics platform and technology.

Rebel Wilson Isn’t It Romantic Film now On Netflix

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If you are a rom-com lover, then you do understand that all romantic comedies follow specific rules. Most of the romantic comedies go for lead actors who have stunning looks, and before the viewers start digesting the movie content, they will be first attracted to the movie by the looks of lead actors and actresses.

Everything in a rom-com always appears to be bright and more colorful. The lead actor also always has that one friend that is either sexless or oversexed.

The film Isn’t It Romantic is one new exciting rom-com that is different from the rest. The movie that was released on Netflix on February 28th, 2019 is the complete opposite of most of the romantic comedies and is out of the norm.

The movie synopsis begins by showing the lead actor Rebel Wilson who appears as Natalie watching an old rom-com Pretty Woman and is then told by her mother Jennifer Saunders that she is no Julia Roberts and that girls like her will only ever find a person in need of a visa to have interests in them and marry them.

Natalie while growing up carrying along with him her mother statements something that made her become skeptical about romance and affected her self-confidence. Natalie then relocates to New York where he works as a professional architect an industry that is male-dominated.

At the workplace, Natalie is mistaken for a tea girl by her colleagues instead of a qualified professional architect who is capable of designing New York best skyscraper.

Natalie is then seen in the New York subway station where a gentleman approaches her, introduces himself and tries to rob her. Natalie then knocks him down, and while she tries to flee she violently hits a pole, and she is knocked unconscious. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Natalie then wakes up only to find herself in a hospital. At the hospital Natalie finds herself locked in a private room full of bright flowers and flattering lighting. A hot doctor then greets Natalie glamorous face. Natalie has woken up completely trapped in a rom-com that she had detested a while back.

Natalie in the movie acts alongside Brandon Scott who appears as Donny who is Natalie’s friend, a gay neighbor, and a stylish guy. Also, Betty Gilpin features in the film as Whitney Natalies’s female work rival who is fond of wearing high heels.

A handsome smoldering Liam Hemsworth who appears as Blake also performs a leading role in the film and is one of the people that Natalie will have an affair with the other one being Adam Devine (Josh).

Rebel Wilson is a celebrated Aussie actress and has premiered in many films. Wilson is a law graduate as well as a performance theatre graduate. Besides acting Wilson is a talented film writer and producer.

Wilson has achieved a lot in the entertainment movie industry and has been nominated and won numerous industry awards. Among the awards that he has won in the film industry include Tropfest Best Actress for the role she played in the film Bargain and MTV Movie Awards among others.

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