Talos Energy Scheduled to Merge with Stone Energy

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In a move to create a leading off-shore exploration and production company in the Gulf of Mexico, Talos Energy LLC has announced plans to merge with Stone Energy Corporation. The $1.9 million merger will be an all-stock merger and the company will have an enterprise value of approximately $2.5 billion. The merged company will be known as Talos Energy, Inc. and the New York Stock Exchange ticker will be “TALO”. The current Talos Energy headquarters in Houston, Texas will be the headquarters of the merged company and the company will maintain offices in New Orleans and Lafayette.

Executive Board Members and Shareholders

The current CEO of Talos Energy LLC, Timothy S. Duncan, will be the CEO for Talos Energy Inc and the interim CEO of Stone Energy will be the non-executive CEO for the new company. The board will consist of ten members–six from Talos and four from Stone. According to Talos CEO Timothy S. Duncan, the merger will allow for more resources for new and more efficient exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. With the combined resources and efforts of two premier exploration companies, acceleration of developments will be possible and future earnings will be progressively profitable for shareholders.

Resources and Production for Talos Energy Inc.

With the merger of the two companies, resources and production output will exponentially increase. Talos Energy Inc. will control 1.2 million acres of area in the Gulf of Mexico. The company will be able to produce 47 thousand barrels of oil daily. Talos Energy Inc. will also have an initial $600 million borrowing capacity, $1 billion credit facility, and long-term note maturities won’t begin for four years.Talos Energy LLC. was founded in 2012 by Timothy Duncan. He secured $600 million in equity from Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings to launch the company. In 2017, the company made a historical discovery of a formation that is expected to yield 425 million barrels of oil. Acquiring Stone gives Talos additional resources to maximize on the foundation’s potential. The combined financial and production power of these two companies is phenomenal. With the new formation discovery, and the two more recent discoveries, Rampart and Tornado II, this newly birthed company is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Revolutionizing Education In California The Rocketship Education Way

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To ensure the success of this process, the schools train a few families on how to conduct successful interviews. The school sometimes opts to hold meetings where parents are introduced to potential teachers.

The parent’s opinions sway the outcome of the job interviews. This eliminates strife in relationships between teachers, management, and the parent fraternity.

Another principle that has worked for the institution is the reliance on the organization’s core principles. Each school in the network has five core values — among them respect for self and others, responsibility, persistence, empathy, and gratitude is the most recent addition.

These values form the core of every relationship at Rocketship Education. These values are a perfect fit for students because they equip them with skills needed to succeed in academics and beyond their school lives.

This is a crucial component of the education network because it helps children, mostly from low-income societies, to cope with stress, conflicts and exercise emotional control.

The education foundation includes a social-emotional curriculum in the regular education. This curriculum is different for each group. The curriculum used in lower grades comprises of a five-character program known as Kimochi, while students in upper grades use the RULER program to control their emotions.

The efforts by Rocketship Education have been recognized, and this has attracted support from business leaders. Top business moguls such as the Netflix CEO and the Facebook CEO have committed themselves financially to support its endeavors.

Rocketship Education is committed to narrowing the achievement gap between fortunate children and the underprivileged. Their active participation philosophy not only engages parents but also helps develop parents who are involved in their children’s lives all the way.

Rocketship also works with other community organizations and other public charter schools. This helps the organization unlock the potential of its students, which sets them on a successful path to college and beyond.

Ara Chackerian Leads TMS Health Solutions

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Ara Chackerian is prominent for being a serial angel entrepreneur, investor, and contributor to stock markets. Prominently known as the owner of ASC Capital Holdings, Mr. Chackerian is keen on investing in growing health-care partners. Chackerian is perhaps best described as the man behind the foundation of TMS Health Solutions, a leading healthcare firm that specializes in the treatment of patients with severe depression. Coupled with magnetic stimulations, TMS Health Solutions provides perfect treatment for depressed patients.


Before joining TMS Health Solutions, Mr. Ara Chackerian was a serial investor as well as an entrepreneur. Fundamentally, he concentrated on the development of healthcare technology and the procurement of services surrounding healthcare. Following his commitment to the mentioned fields, Ara Chackerian landed senior positions in health-care technology companies. Some of the companies include PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics in addition to Embion.


As a service provider who commits to offering people some of the best services in his field, Ara Chackerian landed additional positions in different companies. For example, at Mint Medical Education, he is a board member. Aside from that, he serves at PipelineRX and plays a pivotal role at Limonapa, a company located in South Africa. From the look of his career history, Ara Chackerian is a dedicated individual who puts in tremendous effort in establishing strong working relations.

Mr. Chackerian loves people. Consequently, he works at various non-governmental institutions including Teak Plantation in Nicaragua, JUMA Ventures, and Nor Luyce. What is more, the youths are the beneficiaries of the proceeds collected from the mentioned projects. Check out limonapateak


Mr. Chackerian is a perfect definition of what it entails to give back to the society. That is evident in his commitment to establishing societal projects with the purpose of improving their lives. To reiterate his commitment to giving back to the community, Ara Chackerian has extended his arms of service to Armenians and Americans. That is not all as he plans to serve other people in additional geographical locations.

Additional Information

Ara Chackerian’s role at TMS Health Solutions involves the management of research, education, and treatment among patients who suffer depression. Being the leader that he is, Mr. Chackerian commits to streamlining the company’s management.

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Two More Liberal Senators Get The Support Of End Citizens United

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In a recent development, two more Democratic senators get the support of End Citizens United, the group fighting against Big Money. They are Cory Booker, the Senator from New Jersey, and Kirsten Gillibrand, the Senator from New York. Both of them are contesting from the respective states to the Upper House in the 2018 mid-term elections. Interestingly, both of them rejected any form of corporate PAC contributions and showed their fights against the dark money in the political system. Considering its vision of transparent political system without the influence of Big Money, End Citizens United declared its support to the senators and decided to endorse them in the elections.

Tiffany Muller, a leading political activist and the President of ECU, congratulated both the senators for openly rejected the funds of corporate PACs and confirmed that they stood along with thoughts of the voters according to politifact.com. She also added that their denial showcased their commitment to fight against the corrupted system that is putting the large majority of Americans behind. Their decision also showed that both of them are only accountable to their voters and do not dance for the corporate interest groups. Muller also hoped that End Citizens United could work with both the senators in future and work on repairing the system to ensure that everyone’s voice is equally heard.

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Per the latest reports, more candidates are coming to refuse corporate PAC funds, and it is a trend visible across the country. Per the latest information, as many as 70 candidates have taken a tough stand against corporate money, and some of them include Dean Phillips of MN-03, Conor Lamb of PA-18, Elissa Slotkin of MI-08, Beto O’Rourke of TX-Senate, and more. It became evident that the voters are highly upset with the system in Washington that is favoring the business groups by forgetting the electorate. Both Booker and Gillibrand are known for standing for the issues of their voters and showcased the highest value of electoral politics. They set themselves by examples and won the hearts of people as well as political commentators alike.

When it comes to End Citizens United, it was established by a group of independent political activists and liberal thought leaders to release the American electoral system from the clutches of corporate money groups. Since it founded in 2015, the PAC conducted extensive campaigns and brought the message of Big Money to a significant percentage of Americans. The group is working on constitution amendment to contain the threats of corporate money. For that purpose, it tries to make maximum liberal candidates who support its mission elected to the houses. The PAC sees the up-coming mid-term election as an opportunity to make the people aware of the corporate money threats and get maximum reform champion elected.

Finding a Surgeon Who Cares: Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

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When it comes to finding a surgeon who cares, we all know that we will be faced with many difficulties, including making sure that the previous patients of the surgeon have all been happy with the work done. With Dr. Sameer Jejurikar every patient is able to rest easy knowing that he is one of the best when it comes to being a plastic surgeon. Having been board-certified, and also being a part of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, it is easy to see why so many have come to trust Dr. Jejurikar with his work.


One of the things that most may not realize is that Dr. Jejurikar makes the main part of his focus lie with cosmetic surgery, with treatments that are revolving around the face, the body, the nose, the breast, and the eyes. Many of the patients who have relied on the help offered to them by him have learned to trust the many years of experience along with the many years of training that the doctor has been through in terms of becoming the great plastic surgeon that he is.


Many have found that the plastic surgery Dr. jejurikar does makes it very easy to achieve many goals. With so many patients having surpassed their goals with the doctor, it is easy to see why so many patients are stating that he has been a big help in their lives. He is even considered to be one of the most caring and sensitive doctors within the industry thanks to the needs of all his patients being met within reasonable amounts of time.


Using the latest techniques with his patients has helped ensure that Dr. Jejurikar is able to help his patients while at the same time making sure that his methods are ones that everyone can agree on with things such as reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeries. You will not find another doctor like Dr. Sameer Jejurikar that is able to make youth and outward appearance fit the patients needs so well.


Dr. Samadi is Working to Keep Those Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer Healthier for Years Down the Road

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Do you know someone who has cancer or who has been recently diagnosed with cancer? Does a man in your life receive treatment for prostate cancer? If so, what if there was a way that you could help them live longer without the hassle of radiation and chemotherapy? If you are interested, Dr. David Samadi is a name you should become aware of.

In the last few years, more celebritities are coming out and telling the world about their own personal health struggles such as terminal diagnoses, cancer treatments and even depression. This will allow for others to see that even the people who are looked up to and are rich in success are still able to suffer from the same illnesses and diagnoses that your typical, non-celebrity individuals will need to live with.

One particular person who knows all too well about the struggles of a cancer diagnosis is Mitt Romney. The ex-presidential nominee came out and told everyone about his own personal struggle with the diagnosis of prostate cancer. It was his open admission to that led others to believe that he may be running for a senate seat when one becomes available in Utah when Orrin Hatch vacates his seat.

Exercise boosts our brain power in the following ways: • It stimulates physiological changes throughout the body such as reducing insulin resistance and inflammation. • It encourages production of chemicals called growth factors that influence the growth of new blood vessels in the brain. • It can affect the overall health of new brain cells by influencing the abundance and survival of them. • The brains of people who exercise regularly have regions of their brain which control thinking and memory that are larger in volume than people who do not exercise regularly. • When a person engages in a program of regular exercise of moderate intensity for 6 months or more, they have an increase in the volume of selected brain regions. • #Exercise improves mood by reducing depression and anxiety along with leading to better sleep resulting in a person feeling more rested. When a person has less stress and anxiety, they are able to think better and improve memory skills. • Being physically active can improve a person’s executive functioning by improving memory, attention, problem solving, and verbal reasoning. #health #healthtips

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Now while there is no exact cure for cancer, there is still hope one day that there will be. Until then, we have to find a way to deal with the fact that we have much progress still to do until there comes a day when someone can be cured from cancer.

Someone like Dr. David Samadi is someone who knows how to get you as close to healthy as you could possibly afford. While many believe that it is impossible to become healthy without all the radiation and chemotherapy that gets pumped into your body while being treated for the cancer, there are many others who are actually living longer, healthier lives because of the help they got from Dr. Samadi.

Dr. Samadi offers a more advanced type of surgical method. Dr. Samadi uses robotic surgical techniques to treat the prostate and other surrounding areas. For men, the chances are 6 of 10 men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer will be diagnosed over the age of 65. In fact when Mitt Romney was diagnosed, he was 70 years old. He opted to use the surgery method to help treat the cancer and because the surgery was a success, he has pretty good odds to make it over the hurtle and live a fulfilling life, even after the cancer scare.

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Roberto Santiago Shifts Brazilian Economy

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There is a strong amount of interest in what a shopping center can do when it comes to changing the culture. This is what Roberto Santiago discovered when he created the Manaira Shopping Mall in Brazil. The economy and Brazil was already booming because it was a heavy export environment with natural and raw materials, but Brazilian consumers have shown that they are inclined to boost economic conditions even more with the shopping that is done in this mall.


Tourists are also a big part of this environment. Many of them have become fans of shopping in this environment that Roberto Santiago created because it has all the stores that consumers are looking for.


What Roberto Santiago really had in mind was creating an environment where everything was all inclusive. He knew that this would be something that would entice a lot of people because it allowed them to shop in a way where they would not have to rome outside of this retail environment. Consumers could get everything that they needed all in one place, and that made it exceptionally easy to embrace this type of environment. In fact, this allowed people to spend an entire day here because there was more than shopping presented.


Roberto Santiago also gave people opportunities to engage in entertainment like bowling and movie going. All of these things are vital to improving the shopping experience, and Roberto Santiago envisioned how this will play a big part in creating a shift in what was considered the norm when it came to retail outlets in Brazil.


In an environment that is known heavily for tourism Roberto Santiago felt strongly about making a great shopping environment. He did not want to have something that was as ordinary as anything else. He did not want to subject himself to simply building another mall environment that was like everything else that was out there. Instead, Roberto wanted to put time into creating the type of environment that would allow a plethora of people to enjoy something that was outside of the norm. This is what he realized tourists look for when they come to Brazil. They are not looking to shop in a shopping environment that looks like everything else that they have at home. To the contrary, these are people that are looking for an environment that is totally different from what is considered their regular shopping environment.


With the Manaira Mall Santiago has met these expectations and more. A lot of people see this as the ultimate place for shopping when they are trying to find something to do in Brazil. It allows them to ride amusement park rides, attend movies, go bowling or hang out.


Lori Senecal And the Importance of Finding the Right Target for Advertising

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One of the common phrases that people hear about when reading about marketing is target audience. This may cause people to wonder why it is important to have a target audience. For one thing, a target audience is the audience that is most likely to use the product that is being advertised. When thinking about it that way, it makes perfect sense. A business wants to generate as much revenue as it can from its campaign. The best way to do this is by advertising to the right people. Therefore, it is important to find the right type of audience for the product.

Lori Senecal is one of the people who knows how to find the right type of audience for a product. One thing she does is follow some steps in order to not only find the right type of audience but also the way to reach them. One of the best ways to do this is to find the people who engage with a certain product and other relevant products. This gives her a huge advantage. Afterwards, she figures out the rules of engagement and finds a way to reach the target audience in a way that is least intrusive. You can visit Ideamensch to see more.

Lori Senecal has not only managed to find a way to not intrude on the audience but has also found some ways to increase the trust between the client and the audience. There are certain things that an entrepreneur or marketer can do such as engage regularly on a chosen platform. One of the best advantages of engaging in one of his favorite platforms is that he is able to build relationships with the community. This builds trust as well. This enables him to increase his conversions. Lori’s innovative ideas are some of the factors that improve on her ability to sell products.

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The Interesting Journey for Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

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It was already at night, and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were in their respective homes. Suddenly, a knock on door completely changed their lives and made them the people they are today. When each of them opened, units from Maricopa County were waiting to arrest them. The County Sheriff had ordered their arrest. He accused them of disclosing grand-jury details about an investigation. Read more: Jim Larkin | Angel.co and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

When this incident happened, Lacey was working for the Village Voice Media daily paper. At the same time Larkin of the company CEO. The Sheriff’s accusation originated from a story they had mentioned that the grand jury is investigating the company. It was about Phoenix New Times, their local daily.

The arrest and accusation was a set up by the Sheriff. He disliked how the daily paper exposed misconduct from the County Department. The Sheriff has a history of lacking integrity in his administration. He has been linked to deaths of jailed detainees and shackling expectant mothers on beds during delivery.

When Lacey and Larkin were arrested, new spread widely and people reacted. They knew these were wrongful arrests and the Sheriff was just out for vendetta. After the case failed, Lacey and Larking prosecuted the Sheriff for wrongful arrests and all the violations that had taken place. They won the case, and the department had to compensate them for the damages.

This experience changed the lives and perception of Lacey and Larkin. Their motivation was fuelled, and they decided to take a different path. Lacey and Larkin founded the Frontera Fund. This foundation specifically fights for the rights of immigrants.

Lacey and Larkin witnessed how the Sheriff violated Latinos rights in his jurisdiction. The foundation was funded by the settlement Lacey, and Larkin received from the case. The department paid $3.75 million, and they decided to donate this money to their organization.

Today, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is retired after failing to secure the County Sheriff seat again. He had been the Sheriff for the past twenty-four years. It would have been difficult for him to secure the position again.

Arpaio’s long list of wrongdoings discredited him. Recently, he was pardoned by the president after the court had tried him for criminal charges. People think the pardon came as a result of campaigning for the president when he was vying. According to Lacey and Larkin, it seems Arpaio’s endorsement paid off.

The Frontera Fund is about the less fortunate. Lacey and Larkin believe in helping those who are desperate. They are both Hispanic, and they decided to help immigrants would be a suitable thing. It would be one way of giving back to the community. It does not mean that the organization only helps the Hispanic community. It is open to anyone in need of their help.

Doing what Lacey and Larkin do is not something they can successfully do on their own. They work with other organizations in Arizona. So far, the organization has helped a lot of people directly or indirectly. Lacey and Larkin are working tirelessly to ensure that the foundation will contain impacting people positively.

Big Changes For Brazilian Cigarette Advertising?

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Over the past two decade the way cigarettes have been advertised has changed dramatically in the US. With cigarette companies now being required by law to provide warning messages in their ads, and on their packaging about the damaging health effects of smoking, this trend in government oversight has begun to spread to other countries such as Brazil.

While confrontations between cigarette companies and government entities has been common throughout courtrooms for decades around the world, this is the first time that Brazil is seeing a push of this magnitude to alter cigarette advertising. In fact, the issue has even caught the attention of Bruno Fagali, founder of FAGALI Advocacia, a law firm specializing in advertising compliance, and related matters.

Looking into the conflict between the government, and cigarette companies regarding advertising practices, Bruno Fagali has discovered that many of the laws surrounding the conflict are in fact contradictory. With no easy solution in sight, it seems that the way the law is interpreted will determine the outcome.

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For example, one law clearly states that it is illegal to manufacture, store, distribute, and market any products that pose a clear health risk. However, another law was created specifically to ban certain additives in cigarettes, thereby possibly making the first law null in this case. Aside from the technicalities regarding the additives in cigarettes, the advertising itself could also be heavily affected.

Unsurprisingly, Bruno Fagali, and FAGALI Advocacia, have provided information on how future advertising campaigns will have to be structured. As previously mentioned, these changes have closely mirrored those in the United States, including requirements for ads to mention not only the addictive nature of cigarettes, but also the number of cigarette related deaths per year.

In the end, Bruno Fagali admits that this is a complex situation, and the resolution may not be easy to come by. Were the advertising changes in the US successful, and should Brazil work to implement similar regulations? In any event, Bruno Fagali and FAGALI Advocacia will work to keep the public informed of any decisions the Brazilian government makes regarding how cigarettes are advertised.

Bruno Fagali is one of the best attorney in Brazil. He works as corporate integrity manager at Nova/SB. He specializes in administrative law. He studied Masters in Law of the State from the Faculty of Law of the University of Sao Paulo and a Bachelor of Laws from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo

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