Billy McFarland

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Magnises is a black card that has been invented by a tech entrepreneur called Billy McFarland. According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland says that the aim is to form a networking or a community for the young people aged between 21 and 35 years. The black card is not a credit card and targets individuals working in various industries that include fashion, finance, and the technology industry.

Currently, the card target individuals living in the east coast cities of New York and Washington DC. However, according to the founder, there are plans to expand the card to other cities across the United States such as Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago.

The application process is simple and involves visiting their website and filling the join now form. There is also a phone interview before you qualify to become a member of the club.

As of today, the company has managed to broker partnerships with over 50 companies with the main aim of improving the lives of their subscribers. Some of their partners include the La Esquina Hotel, the Arlington Club, and the Omar’s Club. Plans are underway to treat its subscribers with the services of the best chefs in New York and Washington DC.

The founder of the card is a college dropout. He dropped from Bucknell University where he was studying computer science. Before dropping out, he established another company called the Spling that proved to be a success. This was a company specialized in making URLs look cuter and managed to attract big guns in the market such as Discovery and the Universe.

The company has also caught the attention of Kevin Liles who is the former chief executive officer of Def Jams. Finally, another big name behind Magnises is Patrick McMullan, the nightlife photographer.

Billy  was born in New York 26 years ago. He was raised up in Short Hills, New Jersey where he learned how to code. At the age of 13, Billy McFarland established his first company.


The Rare CEO In A Non-Tech Industry Who Earned His Position Through Intelligence

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Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Anthony Petrello of Nabors Industries offers insight into the energy market and how recent trends will affect the company. Since Nabors Industries is a drilling contractor providing land-based and offshore drilling rigs for gas and oil extraction, including specialty rigs, in 20 countries worldwide, any change in oil prices will affect the company’s customer’s spending, and Nabor’s revenue. Petrello analyzes key customer’s projected operations nationally and internationally and factors in supply to determine the strategies Nabors will employ in the upcoming year.

CEO since since October 28, 2011 and a member of the Nabor’s Board of Directors since 1991, Petrello, who holds a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School, previously worked as an attorney specializing in corporate law. A clever, astute executive, Petrello also has an M.S. degree in Mathematics from Yale University.

Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board Anthony Petrello is also expected to uphold Nabors Industries’ values, which are going the extra mile to exceed their customer’s expectations, even in the toughest drilling environments. In addition, Nabors values accountability, and although Petrello is not directly responsible for meeting deadlines, the drilling contractor’s failures would reflect on his leadership skills.

As a member of the Board of Directors, Petrello is accountable for adhering to the governance policies, including compliance with the of the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development’s Principles of Corporate Governance and Nabors’ own code of conduct, which includes obeying the competition laws in all countries that the contractor does business in.

Originally from the East Coast, Petrello moved to Houston to work at Nabors Industries, a move that enabled him to become one of the country’s highest-paid CEOs. A long way from his childhood in Newark, New Jersey, Petrello’s high intelligence resulted in a scholarship, acceptance into law school, a job at a prestigious Manhattan law firm and finally, a position as the head of one of the world’s largest oil and gas drilling contractors.

How Is Arthur Becker Investing In New York Real Estate?

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There are quite a few fine locations in New York that are worthy of investment, and each person who is interested in investing may look to Arthur Becker as a fine example. Arthur Becker started his career in technology, and he is now moving into the real estate field. This article explains how Arthur plans to invest in New York real estate, where and what the properties mean to him.

#1: Where Is He Investing?

Arthur is investing in townhomes on Sullivan Street. He has taken ownership in the townhomes as part of an exchange of shares, and he will use the townhomes as his first major rentals. It is quite important to remember that one rental property will perform well in New York, and three adjacent spaces in the city make up a tiny complex. Arthur is holding these beautiful properties because of their location and prestige.

#2: What Is The Location?

Someone who wants to live in one of the most-prestigious neighborhoods in America must ensure they have taken a look at what Arthur has to offer, and they will find each of his townhomes to be gorgeous properties.

#3: How Will Arthur Expand?

Becker may choose to move beyond the three properties he owns, and each of them will ensure the business will grow. He has the capital to move on with other properties now that he is drawing rent from three expensive townhomes, and he may become the next big player in the city’s real estate field.

Everyone who wishes to become involved in New York real estate will find the career of Arthur Becker interesting. His has created a new beginning with three townhomes he has acquired, and he may use the townhomes on Sullivan Street to make more purchases in the future. He is becoming an investor who is learning New York as he enjoys the townhomes he currently owns.

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Securus Technologies Corrects GTL’s Campaign Of Misinformation

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Following a number of misleading statements made by Global Tel Link, Securus Technologies has decided to publicly address any misinformation that might currently be out there. For anyone familiar with Global Tel Link, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that they’re spreading misinformation about competitors. Ever since the federal government began taking an earnest look at their practices, they’ve been eagerly looking for someone to direct negative attention towards. Unfortunately for Global Tel Link though, Securus Technologies was more than prepared to correct many of their borderline slanderous claims.


With this in mind, it’s impossible to definitively state that Securus Technologies has done anything untoward. Instead, Global Tel Link’s public behavior should be more indicative of their business practices than anything else.


In fact, in some circumstances the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeals Board refused to validate a patent or claim that an innovation actually was capable of being patented. Despite this nuance, Global Tel Link decided to release a statement indicating that the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeals Board actually did rule entirely in their favor. As with most of Global Tel Link’s business practices, I’m disappointed to see the direction that their company is headed in. If it comes down to supporting Securus Technologies or Global Tel Link, I know who I’ll be supporting, if for no other reason than the fact that Global Tel Link has proven time and time again that they’re not uncomfortable with being deceitful. Thankfully, companies like Securus Technologies are not going to be bullied anymore, and are eager to point out inconsistencies in the statements that GTL makes.


Building Global Gold Depositories: Sign of High Demand for Real Wealth

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What does Fort Knox have stored in its depository, guarded by soldiers, around-the-clock? Paper Mâché bills, plastic credit cards or gold? Did you read about Texas and Hong Kong building their own gold depositories? Maybe, gold is a wise investment, since people are willing to build buildings, specifically for its storage.


“Lone Star State Gold”


Where is most of the gold in the world stored? Some might argue that it is in Switzerland. Others might remember the James Bond Goldfinger movie and say “Fort Knox.” Perhaps, the real answer might be the Manhattan, New York Federal Reserve?


First, Venezuela then Germany requested repatriation of their gold. In 2015, even the Texans asked for repatriation of their 5,600 solid gold bars from the Manhattan Fed. The Texas governor argued that he wanted to “keep them safe.”


Since 2013, the State of Texas has been contemplating building its own gold depository for storage. The Texas gold depository would parallel the state’s movement towards possible secession.


“Hong Kong Gold”


Is something wrong with Fort Knox? During World War II, many wealthy people moved their gold bars to Fort Knox for safe storage. This created the “gold window” which Nixon, eventually closed in the 1970s.


Even Hong Kong is building a gold depository. With its 2016 opening of the Shanghai Gold Exchange, China is also discussing building a gold vault in its Qianhai free trade zone. The Chinese plan to give people physical delivery of gold.


“US Money Reserve Gold”


“Watch what the wealthy are doing and follow their lead to make money.” It is not just one state or nation, several entities are ensuring that they have gold in their safe-keeping, so why don’t you?


If you want to own a gold bar, then US Money Reserve is a great source. You can talk to their precious metals experts about all of your options. Some gold purchases are like an art masterpiece, others are like buying a high-grade jewel.


“Build it and they will come” seems to be a theme in the gold vault community. This mentality shows that demand is high for precious metals. You might want to get yours, before it is too late.


Williamson County Gets Expert Solutions on Dealing with Traffic: it’s Biggest Issue

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A lot of transit discussions held in the Austin area have solely focused on the city and a recent Williamson County Growth Summit was no different. It presented an opportunity to outline the challenges in transport to the county and the suburban communities’ needs. The panel involved in the discussion included Mike Heiligenstein (executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority), Joseph Kopser (founder of RideScout LLC), Jared Ficklin (ArgoDesign) and Leandre Johns (Uber Technologies Incorporated, external affairs director Texas). The event took place at Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center.



How Technology is Changing Transportation



During the discussions, the panel centered on the way technology is influencing changes in the transportation sector in the Austin area and globally. Heiligenstein acknowledged that fresh technologies like ridesharing apps and driverless vehicles can transform transportation radically. However, he added that in spite of these transformations, the Austin area required to invest more in expanding its transportation capability. He stated that the area needs to have additional smarter roads built. He stated that this would be the only way the mobility demands of the rising population in the area would be served adequately. Heiligenstein added that the county had done an exemplary job in the past 15 years but he stressed the need to build more roads and expand its capacities due to the swelling population.



Actions to be taken by Policymakers



Ficklin, while answering a question from Alan McGraw (Round Rock Mayor) on what causes of actions policy makers ought to take, emphasized on the need to make land-use and building codes flexible. He pointed out that stuff like roads and parking garages would still be required by the autonomous cars. Ficklin said that future parking garages ought to have multiple levels.






CTRMA is an autonomous agency of the government that was created in 2002 to help in improving the Travis and Williamson counties’ transportation systems. Its mission is implementing multi-modal and innovative transport solutions to reduce congestion as well as offer transportation options that will enhance economic vitality and life quality. It is overseen by a Board of Directors that is made up of seven members. The Governor is responsible for appointing the chairman of the board and the two counties appoint three members each. The authority employs professional staff albeit in a small scale who are led by the executive director, Mike Heiligenstein.



About Mike Heiligenstein



He has been with the authority since it was incepted in 2002 to oversee the designing of a regional and modern transportation network in Central Texas. He is also the current International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association’s president.

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James Dondero is an Authority in Credit and Equity Investments

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Highland Capital Management is one of the world’s largest asset managers headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Together with its affiliates, the investment giant manages assets valued at nearly $15.4 billion. The firm has earned a reputation as one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable international credit managers. It is an authority when it comes to credit strategies, including collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, distressed private equity, separate accounts and long-only funds, and distressed private equity.

HCM also offers alternative investments such as natural resources, long and short equities, and emerging markets. The company delivers its investment products and solutions to public pension plans, financial institutions, governments, wealthy individuals, and funds of funds. HCM maintains service centers in Singapore, New York, Sao Paulo, and Seoul.

James Dondero

James Dondero is a guru in equity and credit market. His experience as a shrewd investor extends for over three decades. Currently, he directs investment plans of Highland Capital Management (HCM), a premier asset manager he co-founded in 1993.

According to The Dallas Links, Under James Dondero’s direction, HCM develops and delivers numerous state-of-the-art solutions to the retail and institutional investors. HCM manages assets worth approximately $15.4 billion and has subsidiaries such as Acis Capital Management, NexPoint Capital, NexPoint Residential Trust, and NexPoint Advisors.

Education and career history

In 1984, Morgan Guaranty Training Program offered an internship to Dondero. Over the years, he has completed professional courses and earned designations such as Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Public Accountant, as well as Certified Management Accountant.

In 1985, Dondero was named as the corporate bond analyst of American Express. Then, he ascended to the position portfolio manager responsible for managing fixed income funds worth close to $1 billion for American Express. In 1989, he joined Protective Life’s GIV subsection as a chief investment officer.

Philanthropy and board membership

Dondero supports educational, veteran affairs, and poverty eradication initiatives. He supports charitable foundations such as George W. Bush Presidential Library, Uplift Education, Snowball Express, and SMU’s Tower Scholars Program.

The Story of Lori Senecal

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Daily laborers sometimes have a negative perception of the CEO or anybody who is in charge. In the case of Lori Senecal, her employees probably have a very different perspective. With diligence and intelligence, she has held several esteemed positions in business, working for the McCann Worldgroup and is now the Global CEO for CP+B. In this position, Lori Senecal is an expert in expansion and branding, developing both her own legacy and the legacy of her company. In fact, she even published an article giving advice from celebrities about establishing and developing a brand.

Digging Your Way Out

For those who have hit rock-bottom and are not sure how to get out, Lori Senecal offers this bit of encouragement. People love a story about a good comeback. They like hearing about how people have been at the bottom and made their way to the top. It makes brands and businesses seem more relatable, reminding customers that even top executives are no different from the consumer on Twitter. It is a reminder that anything is possible, even for those who are at the bottom.

Expanding Talent

Developing one skill is certainly impressive and one can definitely build a brand on that skill. However, a lot of other people will have that single skill or attribute. A good product will exhibit a multitude of different features. Senecal pointed out that video gaming consoles on allow users to play additional apps, such as Netflix and Hulu.  A good entrepreneur is one who is creative and can think outside of the box, connecting related concepts to yield a high-quality product.

Brand Association

Sometimes a consumer may walk into a restaurant and find that it serves her favorite brand of coffee. Bookstores might feature Starbucks. Getting caught with a popular name-brand can do a few things. First, it will increase the legitimacy of her brand. When people see that another popular brand endorses hers, they are more likely to follow that brand at Second, depending on how the brand is used, it could increase traffic..

This is just a sample of a few branding tips from Lori Senecal, one of the world’s top branders. As an expert in the industry, her wisdom is not something to be ignored.

Doe Deere Launched Lime Crime To Take The “Play It Safe” Out Of Cosmetics

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Super intense pigments and boldly bright color palettes define Doe Deere’s makeup brand known as Lime Crime. Wearing her cosmetics are an unique experience in itself, because you’ve never seen this potent and bizarre a line of makeup anywhere on the planet.


This isn’t grammy’s cosmetics stash. Instead, Lime Crime is modern makeup for the modern young woman and young man. That’s the beauty philosophy of its company CEO and founder Doe Deere. The Russian-born entrepreneur with the whimsical imagination and eye for hot makeup trends launched the brand in 2008. She wanted these amazing lipsticks, eye shadows, liners and nail lacquers to re-create the cosmetics uniform. In other words, there are no makeup rules to follow with Lime Crime. These wackadoodle shades like Blood Moon, Pumpkin, Raisin Hell, New Yolk City, Teacup, Cement and Alien Green are wild, untamed and a bit naughty-sexy.


Doe Deere thinks makeup, hair and fashion are all intertwined and should be funny and not taken too seriously. She created the brand Lime Crime to offer women and men another choice in cosmetics. She challenged the major beauty companies with their stiff, play it safe traditional shades of makeup. She introduced quality makeup that was hot on trend and allowed the wearer to develop a news sense of empowerment. When one applies makeup from Lime Crime, they will turn heads, because the boldness and opacity are out of this world.


Doe Deere loves trying out new items on herself first, before launching the makeup to her global audience on social media. At the moment, her Velvetines Diamond Crushers are the glam thing out there. You apply them over your lipstick and watch the dazzle begin. These incredible, iridescent lip toppers reflect light from every corner and create magic on your kissable lips. Best of all, these crushers go on matte and dry to a smudge-proof finish.


She enjoys engaging with and inspiring her Lime Crime obsessed fans on social media, and the friendly relationships she has carefully molded have paid off.


Lime Crime is sitting atop social media on many fronts, including Instagram. Lime Crime’s Instagram has already reached more than 2.4 million followers. Doe Deere is also being recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit, appearing on the cover of Self-Made magazine.


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The Successful Venture Of Marc Sparks

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Marc Sparks is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Unistar Financial Service Corp, a fully-integrated financial service holding company specializing in auto insurance, premium financing, and insurance claims management. He has an extensive experience, running many years in the insurance, surety bonding, and premium finance.

The company’s subsidiaries include U.S. Fidelity Holding Corp., Great Southern, Peak Underwriters, Eagle Premium Finance Company, Eagle Claims Corp., and International Surety & Casualty Company. He also serves as a member of Executive and Compensation Committees.

The company is a private equity firm that provides the necessary capital, office space, equipment, legal, accounting, graphic arts, web development, customer service expertise, intellectual capital, and banking services. Moreover, the company also provides its clients with marketing services, merchant banking, networking, and support staff services.

Besides the businessman, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist we know Sparks to be, he is also a philanthropist. He has always been interested in helping the less privileged. He runs a homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn. It is a place where they teach self-sufficiency and life skills to meet needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Most services and support are provided free through donations by churches, organizations, corporations, and individuals. Sparks has actively been involved in the Habitat for Humanity through the funding of single unit homes construction to support development efforts.

Sparks is also a big champion of the American Can Academy, a group of magnet high schools. He has his own “Sparky’s Kids” Foundation. He has donated more than a thousand new computers to at-risk children to assist them come out of poverty.

On September 14th, 2014, Sparks published a book entitled ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ He did so after his colleagues convinced him to go ahead with the project.

The book tries to prove wrong the standard high school/college/start-in-the-mailroom path. He teaches how anyone, even a C-student, can become a successful entrepreneur. Sparks is a motivation to many aspiring young entrepreneurs in the world.