Todd Lubar Has His Hands Full in The Real Estate and Financial Lending Sectors

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Todd Lubar is an American-based real estate enthusiast. According to his crunchbase bio, he studied at the Sidwell Friends School situated in Washington DC for his early life education. He enrolled at The Peddie School to pursue his high school course and later Syracuse University where he obtained a Speech Communication degree in 1995.

Career Growth

Todd Lubar had it easy when settling for a career to pursue. He was totally mesmerized by the real estate industry. This keen interest coupled with his strong determination of helping others, Todd did not have an iota of doubt that his future belonged in the real estate sector. His first position was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he handles issues involving loans. He gathered a lot of experience in the conservative mortgage banking methods. Following his desire to equip himself with as much information about the industry as he could, Todd formed a marvelous referral base with experts, such as CPAs, Financial planners, real estate agents and insurance agents. In his desire to grow his experience, Todd became a staff of Legacy Financial Group, holding an equity position based in Maryland. He led the company to record more than 100 million dollars a year in loans extended. Todd also worked at Priority Financial Services where he dealt with purchase money mortgage. After a few years, Todd set out to start his real estate corporation, Legendary Properties, LLC. In his efforts to expand his business, he launched Charter Funding in 2005.

Business Expansion

Legendary Properties deals with rehabilitating and selling residential houses. Todd’s ability to form lasting relationships with people handling the building process has seen him produce high-quality properties on a timely basis. After a couple of prosperous years in the real estate business, Todd established an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC, dubbed Legendary Financial, LLC. The financial division allows him to lend to individuals who would otherwise be discriminated by other lending facilities. His wide experience in the lending business gives him the capability to evaluate any risks involved and aids him in making sound decisions in any situation. Todd has been well seasoned in money lending and real estate business, which has seen him fulfill his desire to help a large number of people become homeowners. For more info visit his website

Other Ventures

Over the years, Todd has gathered massive business prowess that is efficient to enable him to thrive in any business environment. In this breath, he has made investments in other businesses, such as the nightclub industry, commercial demolition, and recycling of scrap metals.

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Vijay Eswaran is a Renowned Philanthropist and a Multilevel Marketing Titan

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Vijay Eswaran is a native of Malaysia and a leading marketing executive. Eswaran is the executive leader of the QI Group. Vijay is a London School of Economics and Political Science-educated graduate.

He is also a motivational speaker and a published author. Eswaran spent his youthful years in the U.S. but later moved back to Asia to establish himself.

Vijay Eswaran’s career history

Vijay Eswaran is the founder of the QI Group, a conglomerate worth millions of dollars. Upon returning to his home country, he partnered with entrepreneur Joseph Bismark, and together they launched one of the largest businesses in Asia.

During his stay in the UK, he did a variety of odd jobs, including picking grapes in vineyards, working on construction sites, and as a cab driver. He later ventured into binary system marketing which led him to acquire an MBA from the Southern Illinois University.

While studying in the U.S., Eswaran began working on multilevel marketing at Synaptics. The QI Group is an e-commerce enterprise involved in the marketing of luxury products, telecommunications, luxury products, wellness, corporate investments, and businesses in travel.

Since its launch, the QI Group has expanded, and it has operations in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Eswaran has been instrumental in the management and growth of this company. Eswaran is also involved in a variety of charity activities.

Vijay Eswaran’s acts of philanthropy and editorial activities

Eswaran has established two foundations that play a significant role in the empowerment of women and supporting education activities. His charitable activities are known across the world and were recognized in 2011 when Forbes Asia listed him as one of the Heroes of Philanthropy.

Eswaran is a recipient of the international lifetime achievement award in philanthropy. He is the brains behind the Malaysian-based think tank Asian Strategic Leadership Institute. Eswaran’s other accomplishments include the International Leader in Global Business Strategies Award.

Among the books he has authored include In the Thinking Zone, On the Wings of Thought, 18 Stepping Stones, and Thought of the Day. Vijay Eswaran has spoken on various summits, including the World International Forum and 6th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas.

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Tony Petrello Assures Nabors Industries Stays On Top As It Pertains To The Oil Well Drilling Servicing Industry:

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Tony Petrello provides leadership, as it pertains to the well servicing operation of Nabors Industries. The company owns and operates the largest drilling rig fleet, globally, as it pertains to land based operations. It is a significant provider, too, of offshore drilling rigs, within America, as well as other significant global markets.

The company, too, provides its customer-base with directional drilling service. It has, under its belt, a complete host of state-of-the-art technologies. It requires the best in technologies in order to properly meet the demands of its customer-base. The labor force, too, of the company, is continually setting new standards, within the industry, which it appreciatively serves.

Tony Petrello is also a Director at Stewart & Stevenson. This company places its focus on the manufacture and distribution of equipment, required to support the gas and oil industry. It fills a specific niche. It provides services, too, that are relative, in the way of other significant industries: such as the power generation industry, the marine industry, and more.

Stewart & Stevenson, makes it a point, to develop products that adequately serve the particular requirements of its clients.

Tony Petrello, additionally, is a Director at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. The healthcare institution is quite progressive in serving the healthcare needs of the Houston pediatric community.

Tony Petrello, historically-speaking, was rooted well with a good academic foundation. Prior to launching his career, he attained two degrees in Math from Yale University —those being: a B.S. degree in Math, and an M.S. degree in Mathematics. Mr. Petrello, then, went on to the Harvard Law College to earn a J.D.

His current post: as the CEO of Nabors Industries, allows Tony Petrello to use his vast knowledge and academic experiences, in properly sizing up the offshore and onshore well drilling service industries; and applying logical and well-adjusted strategies, with regard to an industry that is and remains highly competitive.

Madison Street Capital Huge Recaptilizing for A Client

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In recent news, Madison Street Capital served exclusively as a financial advisor in subordinating debt investment and arranging minority equity for ARES Security Corporation, one of their clients. ARES Security,, is based in Vienna, Virginia. They are one of the leading organizations in security risk management offering solutions in comprehensive end to end security software where they protect the most critical assets of the world. ARES Security safeguards the most complicated systems operated by the nuclear, energy, government, and transportation industries. Madison Street Capital worked this recapitalization out with Corbel Structured Equity Partners, Launched in late 2013, Corbel is a structured equity fund with a capital amount of $95 million under management, and this company produces non-control investments to profitable, lower middle market companies normally on a preferred return basis.


The President of ARES Security, Ben Eazzetta, is overjoyed about this new transition. He stated how his company really appreciates Madison Street Capital and all the completed work they’ve done for them in 2016. He further stated that they were really impressed with the total process, ranging from initial due diligence to the capital raising procedures.


As a result, ARES realized that working with Corbel to structure the investment creatively was the best direction towards producing much equity value. Corbel possesses an operational and supportive partnership and flexibility in capital solutions. These qualities encourage a continual significant sales momentum and capitalization for them on new revenue opportunities that Corbel has in their extensive amount of industry contacts.


About Madison Street Capital


Based in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital is a global investment firm that takes great commitment in excellence, integrity, service, and leadership in delivering merger and acquisition expertise, corporate financial advisory services, valuation services, and financial opinions to privately and publicly held businesses. With these qualities, their clients can succeed in the global marketplace.


This firm takes their client’s objectives and goals and makes them their own. This ranges from financial advisory to the transfers of ownership. They see emerging markets as the core component as the driving force for their clients global growth. And because of all of this, they’ll continually focus a large portion of assets on these markets. And furthermore, with these qualities, their dedication, their highest professional standards, beliefs, and expertise, this firm has earned a great Madison Street Capital reputation in which their clients trust them worldwide.


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U.S. Money Reserve and Its Success

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There is a website in the e-commerce space taking the reins and having immense success. This innovative and new website is providing a catalogue online to view distinctive and exceptional silver, gold, and coins made of platinum. U.S. Money Reserve is very proud to put online this new and improved e-commerce website. The U.S. Money Reserve online site has an amazing redesign and purpose. The site provides impressive online photography of its items for sale and an eye catching coin gallery. With the new redesign of the site U.S. Money Reserve is able to create content amongst all of its platforms. The content provides quality, efficient level of interaction with clients, and exceptional products securely online. The redesign provides the means to be able to educate current and potential customers as well as provide an easier way of purchasing bullion.


This e-commerce online website has been growing rapidly. The online experience provides individuals with competitive appraising on bars, silver bullion, and gold. It also offers coins that are PCGS certified and products for those that seek valuable metal products. The website also gives the option for customers to be able to sign up to receive a gold kit. U.S. Money Reserve also provides a Knowledge Center. This is one of its many beneficial features that have been possible after the redesign. The Knowledge Center provides current information and data on valuable metals. It also provides information such as minting a coin, grading a coin, and purchasing a coin. This brilliant online website also features the latest information and updates regarding valuable metals on the market.


The U.S. Money Reserve has another great feature. This feature is Client-Connect Advantage. This allows U.S. Money reserve to connect with its clients on a consultation basis that is one-on-one. It also provides U.S. Money Reserve the platform to provide its clients with special releases offline, assistance with purchasing, and transactions offline that are fully secure. U.S. Money Reserve also has a great guarantee associated with the policy of returning if need be. It provides a return policy that is considered one of the top within its industry. U.S. Money Reserve is proudly one of the largest private suppliers of the United States government. Since established in the year 2001 it has substantially reshaped and grown. It continues to be admired by many individuals.


In conclusion U.S. Money Reserve provides an amazing online shopping experience.

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Brad Reifler’s Journey To The Top Of The Investment World

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Brad Reifler is the founder of Forefront Capital, LLC. He has achieved success with multiple firms due to his experience of many years as an investor and entrepreneur. Reifler’s career began in the early 1980s following the completion of his economics and political science studies at Bowdoin College. It is the time when he formed Reifler Trading Company.

His first company controlled hundreds of millions in discretionary accounts. Subsequently, it evolved to information dissemination, institutional research, global derivative, as well as execution services.

That led the company to become one of the biggest futures operations. The company curved a niche for itself by focusing on global derivatives. Reifler sold the firm in 2000 to global leader in futures, Refco Inc.,

Prior to selling his company, Brad Reifler had diversified his offerings into financial services. He became a respected professional across the globe. Reifler created Pali Capital in 1995. He captured the growth in hedge funds by establishing a unique strategy. Reifler did not advise them on what to trade but combined their idea with top research, derivative structures, and credit analysis.

He then trained sales traders how to articulate his strategy and implement it. During his 13 year leadership at the company, Pali capital experienced tremendous growth achieving a commission income in excess of $ 1 billion.

It had offices across four continents with more than 300 employees. It is at Pali Capital that Reifler achieved his greatest success.

Presently, Reifler’s focus is on Forefront Capital and its several subsidiaries that include Forefront Advisory, LLC as well as Forefront Partners. Brad Reifler serves the firm as the CEO and adviser.

He started the business in 2009 and has again endeavored to develop a differentiated offering. According to Market Wired, Brad Reifler has managed to attract premier investment bankers, business leaders, and registered investment advisers to his company.

Using his 30 years of experience, Brad Reifler has spoken extensively on ways of getting involved in the field of investing. He has made a number of public appearances to speak about what the lower and middle classes need to do in order secure their futures by investing. Brad reifler is passionate about helping people plan for their future and realize true financial freedom.

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Using The Past And Present To Build An Online Reputation

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One thing that should be understood about reputation is that it is based on the actions of the past. It can be influenced by what one does today. Therefore, it is important that one makes sure that he manages his behavior so that he can show himself to be someone that is trustworthy and respectable. This is especially important for the success of his business. If one runs a business that is showing signs of a bad reputation, then it will likely fail. The best thing to do is for one to make sure that he is making the needed improvements to his reputation.

One of the best ways he can build and improve his reputation is through monitoring, reveals This is important so that one can look at all of the actions that had an effect on his customer. While there are often more satisfied customers than angry customers, the unsatisfied customers are going to be more likely to add reviews. Therefore, it is important to make sure that he is doing right by others so that he can reduce the chances of having bad reviews. This is where the monitor will come in handy for the business owner.

Also with monitoring, one will be able to keep track of every mention of his company. When his company is being mentioned, he is not always going to be aware since customers are going to go to various sources in order to make their mentions of their company. Not only will the monitor alert the user to every mention of the company, it is also going to make sure that the user knows whether or not the mention is worth responding to.

Distinct Qualities Of Apparels By Fabletics Inc.

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Stakeholders in the fashion industry are enjoying massive profits. The demand for high-quality clothes continues to surge. Plus, nowadays, shopping online is remarkably convenient to everyone. Sites like Amazon, have ultimately revolutionized the e-commerce realm. Without Amazon, the growth of companies like Fabletics would be dismal at best. This company’s valuation is closing in on the $250 million mark.


Fabletics Winning Formula


The brand is synonymous with the beautiful and physically fit Kate Hudson. The strategy used by Fabletics is simple: Provide the customers with superior quality personalized products which also enhance their health and wellness at a reasonable cost. To date, the business has succeeded in adding sixteen physical stores all over the nation.


But what is it actually that makes this brand stand out so boldly? To help answer this question, here’s a brief recap of a review written by Teri Hutcheon of on Fabletics. Teri’s piece is not a promotional piece rather it’s an article meant to empower the prospective consumers on the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of this million dollar business.


Getting Started


Teri started paying the monthly membership of $25 per month in 2015. That amount ensures you get personalized outfits sold at a massive discount to you. To help the staff at the company come up with the best designs for you, you start by filling out a brief survey of your likes and preferences.


Quality First

According to Teri, the products sold here are of top notch quality. They are comfortable to wear while working out either as a jogger or in a yoga center. The colors don’t fade, and they look stylish and impressive to all.


Stylish Outfits

The variety of clothes on offer are all beautifully made. They are nothing like the bland and boring apparels you find with the competing designers out there. No, these clothes make a strong fashion statement to everyone who sees them.


Excellent Value for Money

Instead of shopping at brands like Lululemon, opt for Fabletics and save tons of money. The top tanks, yoga pants and the sports bras sold at the latter also come with huge discounts and other money-saving offers for members.


Remarkable Website

The designers of their websites did a fantastic job in properly organizing all the items in an easy to find fashion. They have a secure portal to safeguard their customers from banking risks. The commodities are listed and clustered according to colors, sizes, and amounts.


Customer Care Service

The staff here are an absolute delight to deal with. They are courteous and quite resourceful in helping their clients get exactly what it is they want. In case you have any complaints or queries, these get answered in record time by the staff.


About Fabletics

Don Ressler runs this company. This CEO is said to possess a Midas touch in business. He’s previously worked with start-ups like Intermix Media, Alena Media, and with Intelligent Beauty. Fabletics is a subsidiary of JustFab. The company’s net worth is placed at $500 million.

Jeffry Schneider’s Success in the Alternate Investment Arena

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Ascendant Capital is a private equity firm specializing in alternative investments and hedge funds based in Austin, Texas. It is a subsidiary of Axiom Capital Management, a broker-dealer established in 1990 providing alternative investment and wealth management solutions. Ascendant Capital was founded in 2012 by the current Chairman and CEO, Jeffry Schneider.


Under Jeffry Schneider, Ascendant has achieved rapid growth rising to over $1 billion in operating capital and over 30 professionals under his team. His transparent open-door approach has earned him the trust of both employees and business associates. An in-depth understanding of the alternative investment industry through extensive research and analysis is key to offering customized products to high net worth individuals and institutional fund managers.


Jeffry Schneider has previously held various key financial services positions in CIBC Oppenheimer, Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. Jeffry Schneider has over 20 years of experience in the investment industry and believes that alternative investment products offer better growth rates compared to regular RIA-based portfolios.


Jeffry Schneider also founded Onyx Capital, an alternative investment firm in 2006. In addition, he has also previously worked for Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney.


Jeffry Schneider is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts. He has probably made more headlines through his sports quests than in business. His passion for fitness training has earned him a spot in many world events. He loves extreme sports and has competed in several Ironman events such as New York City Marathon and the Ironman Triathlon in various locations including New Zealand, Santa Rosa, CA and Clairmont, FL among others. Ironman is a world famous endurance sports brand hosting over 260 triathlete events in more than 40 countries around the world.


As a philanthropist, Jeffry Schneider supports Wonders & Worries, Gazelle Foundation and the Cherokee Home for Children among others. He is an active blogger on Twitter, Facebook, and Vimeo with a passion for topics such as parenting, fitness and health, and entrepreneurship. Away from financial services and sports training, Jeffrey enjoys adventure travel.

Billy McFarland

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Magnises is a black card that has been invented by a tech entrepreneur called Billy McFarland. According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland says that the aim is to form a networking or a community for the young people aged between 21 and 35 years. The black card is not a credit card and targets individuals working in various industries that include fashion, finance, and the technology industry.

Currently, the card target individuals living in the east coast cities of New York and Washington DC. However, according to the founder, there are plans to expand the card to other cities across the United States such as Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago.

The application process is simple and involves visiting their website and filling the join now form. There is also a phone interview before you qualify to become a member of the club.

As of today, the company has managed to broker partnerships with over 50 companies with the main aim of improving the lives of their subscribers. Some of their partners include the La Esquina Hotel, the Arlington Club, and the Omar’s Club. Plans are underway to treat its subscribers with the services of the best chefs in New York and Washington DC.

The founder of the card is a college dropout. He dropped from Bucknell University where he was studying computer science. Before dropping out, he established another company called the Spling that proved to be a success. This was a company specialized in making URLs look cuter and managed to attract big guns in the market such as Discovery and the Universe.

The company has also caught the attention of Kevin Liles who is the former chief executive officer of Def Jams. Finally, another big name behind Magnises is Patrick McMullan, the nightlife photographer.

Billy  was born in New York 26 years ago. He was raised up in Short Hills, New Jersey where he learned how to code. At the age of 13, Billy McFarland established his first company.