Isabel dos Santos and Finance

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Isabel dos Santos is one fine individual that many are unaware of but she is one individual that will progress in her life to elevate the lives of others. Dos Santos has been able to be a key leader in many different organizations across the world and is one that continues to lead the change against unlearned individuals. Isabel strives to promote education through her many different philanthropic efforts and will continue to create works that will last for quite a while.

Isabel dos Santos has many different philanthropic endeavors that have helped act as her north star in life. These works guide her and help her to interact with the rest of humanity in a comprehensive and holistic manner. As such, there is much that one can learn about Isabel dos Santos her career and how one can get involved like this successful businesswoman in the world today.

Remember, your time on this planet is priceless, use it wisely and learn from those who make impact investments. But with an increasing level of awareness towards the importance of social and environmental effects on society, these investments are now slowly becoming the norm for many individuals and firms. The charge is of course being led by Millennials, who on many occasions and within several studies have proved that their priorities lie in contributing to the world instead of exclusively catering to their own interests (Instagram).

With over 90 percent of this younger generation believing that mitigating climate change is a human responsibility, it is no wonder to see them making investments that work towards managing the effects of climate change. Isabel cares about young students and with 22 percent of Millennials having taken an issue with income inequality and distribution of wealth, it is no wonder to see that they are taking it personally to bring about positive change in this aspect.

Which is why, they are making investment decisions that seem to be going against the norm. But at the same time, these decisions are right in line with their own personal beliefs and conviction, which makes them quite profound in terms of their existence and their long term sustainability.


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The Work of Allied Wallet

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For more than thirteen years Allied Wallet has been an innovator in the world of payment systems. Available all over the globe, the company has become a global leader in its space. Allied Wallet´s services payments worth lots of money. The company is committed to providing simple and effective tools. The Firm has a number of features that separate them from competitors.

The company prides itself on providing top-notch security. Allied makes sure all payments accepted online are secure. Furthermore they protect all business and customer information. Allied is available in 196 countries and they work with almost all payment types. Furthermore their system is user friendly. It is seamless and very easy to integrate. The company has been recognized in both North America and Europe for its outstanding service.

Despite tremendous success, Allied Wallet is a company looking to continue to move forward. Dr. Andy Khawaja was recently featured in an article in the magazine The Technology Headlines.” In an article titled “Unleashing New Possibilities for the Payment Industry,” Khawaja reveals many intriguing things about the company’s future. For starters he recognizes that the company has had its set of ups and downs over the years. He believes it is a testament to the company’s leadership and culture that they have been able to overcome the tough times. Khawja’s motto is when you challenge the status quo, you grow and evolve (Businesswire).

Andy Khawaja is focused on the advancement of his company. The company is committed to bringing the latest innovative technology to into improve the payment space and revolutionizing the way people make payments online. Although he did not get into specifics, he shared that the company has huge projects on the way in the future. Innovation remains a priority but Khawaja has not forgotten about his employees. The CEO greatly values the happiness and well being of all his employees. He is involved in many of their office locations in locations like Los Angeles, New York, London, Frankfurt. The goal is continue to being a leader in the world of payments.


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Greg Blatt Contributions in the Online Dating Sector

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Greg Blatt is the chairman and chief executive officer at Match Group headquartered in Greater New York Area, United States. He is among the recognized successful entrepreneurs in the technology industry, especially in providing excellent online dating services. Greg Blatt studied at Colgate University graduating with Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature/Letters and Economics. He later joined Columbia Law School in the University of New York where he attained his Doctor of Law.


Early Career

Before attending Columbia Law School, Blatt specialized in English language and Literature and began working in different jobs around the world; Colorado, Reims, and Budapest. On the other hand, he was a writer where he wrote various books and distributed to different readers. Over some few years, Greg worked for Lipton, Rosen & Katz working as an Associate. The businessman, however, left the company in 1997 and joined Grubman Indursky Schindler PC taking a similar position.

While at Grubman Indursky Schindler PC, one of his clients Martha Stewart, recommended him to join his newly formed company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, as an EVP in General Counsel & Business Affairs in 1999. Blatt obliged and joined the company operating until 2003 and later served as an EVP, General Counsel at IAC for five years and four months. From 2009 to 2010, he took the role of the chief executive officer at and later serving a similar position at IAC until December 2013 (Aboutme).

Roles at Match Group and Tinder

Since January 2014, Blatt has held top executive positions at Tinder, Inc. and Match Group. He first served as an Executive Chairman at Match Group until December 2015 while also serving a similar role at Tinder between 2015 and 2016. He was then promoted to the position of chairman and CEO at Match Group in 2015 and on the following year, he held the position of CEO at Tinder where he currently serves. Throughout his career, he revolutionized online dating services while growing the companies he served to reach their limits. Besides, he built a strong reputation of the three brands as well as enhancing customer experiences.

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OSI Group – Pushing for Greater Growth with Different Strategies

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The OSI Group is a well-known name in the food industry and specializes in providing custom-food development and supply services as well as in offering many different types of processed meat and food products. The OSI Group has established a solid reputation in the market of the food industry in the last few years and excels in the custom food development department. The company has world-renowned chefs and food researchers working for it to ensure that the quality and flavor requirements are met perfectly in every order.

The OSI Group has been expanding globally by partnering with the local partners and acquiring regional food processing firms. It has helped the company to grow faster and increase its outreach. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO and the chairman of the company, says that the teamwork is the reason behind the success of the company in so many countries worldwide. The workforce of over 20,000 employees across the globe work as a cohesive unit, and it is what has helped the company to not only grow but become pioneers in providing innovative food solutions to the clients. The company has been able to increase employment for the locals wherever it sets up food processions units. It believes that the local people have knowledge of the local produces, and they want to do their bits for the communities as well.

OSI Group also recently acquired Rose Packaging, and both the companies share the same commitment and dedications towards the customers. The companies have deep roots in Chicago and also share the same values, and the acquisition of Rose Packaging would boost the OSI Group’s outreach to new clientele as well as improve its infrastructure in the packaging business. OSI Industries believes that the new acquisition will allow the company to reach its goals further to increase its foothold in any new markets in the coming years.

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Andrey Andreev: Billionaire and Matchmaker

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Andrey Andreev is a Russian entrepreneur with a current net worth of 2.4 billion dollars. He has made his own fortune as a self-made billionaire and his first taste of success was in 1999. In this year, he created SpyLog, which was basically a way for early webmasters and website owners to track the amount of visitors to their sites. While this sounds unimpressive now, in 1999 it was an incredibly big deal (Opwnews).


In 2004, Andreev founded Mamba, although it was later renamed to Wamba, which was an online dating site. Originally, it was confined only to Russia, but now it has users in 15 different countries, totalling over 31 million registered users. In 2006, Andreev started Badoo, which is currently the world’s largest dating site – bigger than Tinder! Badoo has over 377 million registered users and the site can operate in 47 languages across a whopping 190 countries!


Due to his continued development of dating websites, Andrey is often called Matchmaker Billionaire, Cupid Billionaire, or some version of that kind of nickname.  In theme with this, this businessman contributed 10 million dollars to the dating and friendship app, Bumble, in 2014. This is an American dating app, but still on brand with Andrey Andreev‘s business interests thus far. In addition, this contribution provides him a 79% stake in the overall company – which could prove to be profitable.


Andrey Andreev moved to London quite quickly after his career began developing and he is legally a citizen of the U.K. as well as Russia. In London, wildly enough, he sometimes gets invited to cook with Olivier Limousin, who is the head chef at a restaurant called L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. This isn’t just any restaurant, however, as it has two Michelin stars.


In the past year, Andrey Andreev’s net worth has grown from 1.5 billion dollars, to 2.3 billion dollars – a total increase of 800 million dollars. Obviously, his focus on dating apps and technology has done well for him, and he will most likely continue to do well in the future as the Billionaire Matchmaker.


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Article Title: Bhanu Choudhrie And Understanding Companies Such As TransferWise And Their Motives

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As someone who is in the business field, Bhanu Choudhrie would realize that he is only as good as his current investments. Bhanu Choudhrie would know that it is not just about understanding the world around him but also knowing about why different companies do what they do. Realizing why a specific company would matter in the world and why they would pursue the strategy they pursued when Bhanu Choudhrie can understand these different principles and reasons for actions, he can then turn around and apply these actions to his businesses and his decision-making process as well.

See, the businessman is an animal that must learn about what will happen and what is happening now, the businessman is one individual that must stay relevant through and through to be able to help where he can.

Bhanu Choudhrie Possible Look Into Why TransferWise Is Not Going Public

At first glance, it seems like a questionable decision for TransferWise to go against the tide as compared to its other financial and tech-based counterparts. By choosing the secondary sale route to obtain the capital needed by stakeholders, the firm had some people raising questions on its long term plans as well.

But when you look more closely at what TransferWise has actually done, the plan actually seems more beneficial than close-minded.

It Bought Itself More Time
While the secondary sale did stop the company from going public and earn the status and popularity that comes with high profile IPOs, it also made sure that TransferWise would have more time to plan its IPO.

This means that the company now has the liberty to launch its IPO at a time where it is not overshadowed by other, more well-known companies.

While Airbnb and Slack may have investors choosing one or the other in the upcoming few months, TransferWise could easily sit that race out while still having enough buzz, interest and stakeholder dedication to plan its IPO in peace.

This would allow the firm to make the most out of its IPO for shareholders, investors, and even general public alike.

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Tim Ioannides Knows A Lot About A Variety Of Skin Conditions

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Tim Ioannides is a dermatologist who has been working with a variety of skin conditions throughout his career. He knows a lot about many conditions and he says that one thing that he believes strongly in is vitamin D. He believes that it can help everyone and that everyone should be taking it and getting out in the sun for about ten to fifteen minutes a day.

Tim Ioannides believes that vitamin D is good for both the mind and body, and a few signs of a deficiency include tiredness, back pain, and slow-healing wounds. He says that he has recommended vitamin D to many patients and that those who have taken it have seen improvements in their skin over time. He is deeply focused on his work and is always trying to do what is best for his patients so that they don’t have to focus on their skin but can know that it will be healthy.

Tim Ioannides has been working with the Treasure Coast for fifteen years, where he is running a dermatology practice that he started. He is very proactive with his work, and he is board certified and a member of the American Academy of Dermatology.

He attended the University of Miami School of Medicine, where he received his degree and became passionate about medical dermatology, and he is currently a voluntary associate professor at the University of Miami. Tim Ioannides has also been featured in a few publications, where he shared his knowledge about dermatology.

For details: Offering Even More Perks For Their Plus Members

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While the premium membership to is already a popular option among their millions of discerning customers, they recently announced that they would be adding even more benefits for their members to take advantage of. What sets these benefits apart from anything else that has been offered through Jingdong and their JD Plus program is that this is the first time that they can be used outside of China where the company is based out of. This exciting for the many members of JD Plus who are frequently traveling for business or pleasure around the world. There are 15,000 hotels that are currently working with the JD Plus program and offering benefits to their members.

While more than a dozen different hotel brands are offering different benefits, they are all things that customers can get excited about. From lounge access to extra loyalty points, there is a lot of ways that members will be able to use what Jingdong and their partners are offering. Many of the brands are also offering discounts for hotel stays or their accompanying restaurants and entertainment venues. This makes the membership from an attractive option for successful young residents of China who want to get the most out of their experiences. According to information gathered by the retailer, about 85% of the people who subscribe to their JD Plus membership have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

The JD Plus program was first introduced to its customers in 2016 and quickly gained popularity. Jingdong was the first company of its kind in China to offer a paid premium membership to their users and it has already proven itself a success with 10 million people subscribing to it. Along with the benefits offered through participating hotels, there are many other offerings from Jingdong and this list continues to grow all of the time as they look for new opportunities for their customers. There are even exclusive offers for wealth management products and health care services that are available to the members of the premium membership program. Younger people are looking to get the most out of their experience.’s: Twitter.

Stratford Shields’ Positive Attributes in the Finance Industry

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Constant innovation in a certain field is far more important than the duration spent gaining experience in the same job. This is a savvy understanding shared by Stratford Shields, the MD at Loop Capital Markets. The expert businessman has garnered more than two decades of leadership experience in the municipal finance industry.

Educational and career information of Stratford Shields


Stratford Shields enrolled in the Ohio State University and received a B.A. in History. Additionally, he was awarded an MBA and an M.A. in Political Science at the University of Columbia. He has worked as the treasurer and vice chairman of the association in the municipal finance industry. He was the chairman of SIMFA in the municipal section. As a leader, he made an impact in securities companies by establishing a voluntary ban that opposed the contribution of funds in bond ballot elections.

As an investment banker, he has led in privatization and the municipal finance in landmark transactions for institutions like Ohio State University. The entity put its $ 483 million for a parking system with an allowance of 50 years, awarded ‘deal of the year’ by Bond Buyer in non-traditional financing. Stratford Shields is praised for being among the best investment banker having made above $ 30 billion worth of transactions for international clients in diverse areas. He majors in transaction structuring and credit strategies for satisfactory financing outcomes.

Stratford Shields obtained the idea to start his company while working with the former CFO of Ohio State University at Morgan Stanley, public finance section. The interest in privatization ideas by the CFO in improving the operations at the entity and raising funds for its success contributed to the entrepreneur’s insights in his enterprise. In the future, he is passionate about denationalization with the health care systems and universities. He owes his business endeavors to interactive sessions with clients and high attention to details.

Serge Belamant has changed the world of IT

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Serge Belamant is a businessman based in France, and he is well known because of the in the blockchain technologies he is a patent holder. In his career, he has been an app and software developer that took part in the creation of blockchain technology. Also, in the production of cryptocurrencies, Serge Belamant has lent a hand.

There are so many technologies that Serge has been involved in creating one being in the financial field, which has been of help in places like the governmental organizations and banks. The technologies have eased the process of withdrawals, investment, and deposits. Serge childhood years he lived in Tulle, France, but after he got to his teenage years together with his family, they moved to South Africa.

The moment he moved, he had to learn English, and at the same time, he gained an interest in technology. At the Highlands North High School that’s where Serge Belamant graduated, at the school, he played chess and rugby. After that, he joined the University of South Africa, and later went to Witwatersrand. Though he didn’t finish his studies at the university, he dropped out to join UNISA. Serge Belamant first job was working at a South Africa engineering company called Matrix. At the company, he was responsible for developing software that would be used in the measuring of the capacity of water in the dams. Also, he offered his services to the council for scientific research, where he created the computer models.

He needed to expand his knowledge the reason why he moved to Washington DC, where he had the opportunity of learning about non-linear and linear programming. Another position that he held was at ESKOM, a company that deals with the national grid supply. At the company, he was the senior analyst. The effort that he put in the companies didn’t go unnoticed because he got different awards, one of them being the System Analyst of the year in 1982. In 1989, he became an entrepreneur through the founding of the Net1 Technologies. After being in charge of Net1 Technology and overseeing its success, he founded yet another company, Zilch Technology Limited that was responsible for developing blockchain technology.

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