Paul Mampilly – The Founder of of Newsletter Profits Unlimited

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Paul Mampilly is the founding father of the newsletter Profits Unlimited which introduces main street Americans to low risk investments that are bound to go up as the Internet of Things, and millennials reshape the investing landscape. In True Momentum, he shows how to grab gains of at least 100% with a reasonable level of risk while in Extreme Fortunes he guides on how to make profits off investments.Paul Mampilly started his working career on Wall Street soon after he graduated in 1991 from the Montclair State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He started working at Bankers Trust as an Assistant Portfolio Manager and quickly grew and advanced to other great positions at ING and Deutsche Bank.

In 2006, Mampilly was recruited by Kinetics Assets Management to manage the firm’s hedge funds. It was during his business tenure at Wall Street that Paul acquired his MBA from the Fordham Garbelli School of Business.In 2009 when stocks were selling at low prices, Paul participated in a competition hosted by Templeton Foundation where he turned $50 million into $88 million winning the contest with a higher gain.After many years working at Wall Street, Paul Mampilly finally grew tired of the pace, and the necessity to spend more instance with his family made him change the environment. He felt that his investment services were not accessible to everyday Americans who needed them most.

Today, Paul Mampilly works as an advocate for the financial and investment sector so that the typical individual can earn extra cash from his paycheck.Paul Mampilly membership in Banyan Hill publishing started in 2016. He is the current senior Editor and majors in helping daily American in getting wealthy in growing investments, small-cap stocks and unique investment opportunities. Paul’s research comes at a price that most Americans can afford.News surrounding stocks is what Mampilly focuses on. He keeps a close eye on them and uses a portfolio tracker so that he is always keeps track on what is going on and of any changes in the prices that may take place. Through his trading services at Banyan Publishing, Mr. Mampilly’s readers can stay updated on his investment decisions.