Perry Mandera a Leader in Transportation thru Example

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Following Successful Leaders

If you want success you have to find it. That is easy to do if you follow those who have already found success. The United States is filled with small and large companies lead by people who have risen to the top of their game and have garnered a reputation for success. A case in point is Perry Mandera, a local business celebrity from Chicago, IL. Perry Mandera is the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc.

Perry Mandera founded his company in 1986. He started simple and wanted to offer transportation solutions to his customers. Perry Mandera wasn’t going to let his company miss any opportunity that came his way, so he started small, but hoped to have the opportunity come his way. He had a dream of success he wanted to fulfill, which was everything “under one roof” for as many customers whom he could serve (Dailyfoxreport).

Perry’s American Dream came true and what had started with only two service trucks, within a few years had grown to over 2000 pieces of equipment. The Customs Companies are throughout the United States today. People how Perry Mandera became successful they understand that a person like Mandera who has a propensity both bor entrepreneurialism as well as a desire to be a public servant has the winning combinations for success built in. Perry Mandera’s success is also reflected in his philanthropic works.

First Taste of Success

Perry Mandera started is learning about the transportation industry early in his career when he was serving his country as a marine. As a U.S. Marine Perry Mandera, was assigned to the motorpool. Learning the transportation industry became the key focus of Perry Mandera until he had absorbed the various ways the combination of logistics and transportation worked together. It was an immediate insight that made him realize the significance how any large-scale transportation would have to rely heavily upon logistics at its core. His U.S. Marines military days, assigned to the motorpool, were significant days of learning and coming up with seminal ideas of a business.

Serving in Public Office

Immediately after his comppletion of duty, with the marines, Perry Mandera sought to serve in public office in Chicago, as the Republican Ward Committeeman fo rhte 26th Ward. HE performed that duty for a four-year term. Ultimately he had the opportunity to put his long brewing ideas into effect when he founded his very own transportation company and proudly named it The Custom Companies, Inc.

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