Prime Mover Isabel Dos Santos Take On Digitalizing Africa

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

In the modern economy, you have to integrate business and technology to remain competitive. African leaders and entrepreneurs are working hard to impact change in their communities. Isabel dos Santos is not an exception. She is a reckoned businesswoman with vast experience in the management of information systems. In her speech in the European Parliament, she said technology is the only weapon Africans can use to develop their economies (Africanews).

Integration of technology with banking and agriculture will help the sectors grow. She is Unitel´s chairwoman, an Angolan mobile operator, where she called everyone on board to take part in the noble act. Africans need to be trained on how to use technology. According to her through a partnership of the European Union and African government, they can explore the opportunities that exist in Africa.

Isabel dos Santos is dedicated to revolutionizing African market to digital. This can only be achieved if they join hands and develop urban plans congruent for smart cities. Cities should have reliable transport systems, clean water quality, and affordable healthcare. Isabel dos Santos narrates that all these dreams can be achieved if we deploy technology in our planning. As a result, Africans will enjoy the low cost of living and proper management of environmental resources.

According to her, Africans are hardworking and produce agricultural products in large quantities. If technology can be integrated with agriculture, production will rise, and there will be a good use of African soil. To develop the African market, the fundamental legal framework need to be laid down. The first step is educating people and their leaders. This will reduce resistance when technology is introduced in various sectors.

Isabel Dos Santos calls for job creation in Africa. Investors should concentrate on the African market and invest their fortune in various appealing sectors. This will aid in growing young talents in Africa. She has led as an example and shown her passion for Africa development. Her organization, Unitel has partnered with Google to build a submarine fiber optic cable linking Africa to Brazil and America.

Isabel dos Santos has encouraged governments and investors in Africa to boost small businesses and local production. This can be achieved by hiring locally and procuring locally manufactured goods.

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