Privinvest Build Ships All Over The World

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Founded in 1990, Privinvest is an international shipbuilding company. The thriving business was founded by two brothers, Iskandar Safa and Akram Safa. Privinvest is known for specializing in building military vessels, superyachts, commercial vessels, and everything in between. They also help countries transfer their intellectual and technology property so they can make their own naval industries. Although the Privinvest headquarters are located in Lebanon, they have offices all over the world. They are located in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Greece, and France.

Privinvest has delivered a lot of ships around the world. In over 40 countries, the successful company has delivered and built over 2,000 products. Privinvest employs over 2,500 people and growing. These employees work on their six shipyards around the world. One of this six shipyards is called CMN. They offer a number of services including renewable energy platform assembly, logistics and training support, and much more. As far as yachts and naval vessels, CMN also offers repair, refit, and an overhaul of these boats. With the many services Privinvest offers, it is not wonder they are a worldwide leader in their industry.

Iskandar is not only the co-founder of Privinvest, but also serves as the chief executive officer. The Lebanese businessman was born in April 1955. He earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in civil engineering from the American University of Beirut. Moving on to postgraduate school, Iskandar earned a Master of Business Administration degree in business administration from INSEAD. Before starting Privinvest with his brother, Mr. Safa managed several construction operations in places like Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His work with Privinvest has garnered lots of attention for his dedication and commitment to excellence. In addition to be a CEO, entrepreneur, and businessman, Iskandar Safa is also dedicated to his work as a philanthropist.