Rebel Wilson Isn’t It Romantic Film now On Netflix

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If you are a rom-com lover, then you do understand that all romantic comedies follow specific rules. Most of the romantic comedies go for lead actors who have stunning looks, and before the viewers start digesting the movie content, they will be first attracted to the movie by the looks of lead actors and actresses.

Everything in a rom-com always appears to be bright and more colorful. The lead actor also always has that one friend that is either sexless or oversexed.

The film Isn’t It Romantic is one new exciting rom-com that is different from the rest. The movie that was released on Netflix on February 28th, 2019 is the complete opposite of most of the romantic comedies and is out of the norm.

The movie synopsis begins by showing the lead actor Rebel Wilson who appears as Natalie watching an old rom-com Pretty Woman and is then told by her mother Jennifer Saunders that she is no Julia Roberts and that girls like her will only ever find a person in need of a visa to have interests in them and marry them.

Natalie while growing up carrying along with him her mother statements something that made her become skeptical about romance and affected her self-confidence. Natalie then relocates to New York where he works as a professional architect an industry that is male-dominated.

At the workplace, Natalie is mistaken for a tea girl by her colleagues instead of a qualified professional architect who is capable of designing New York best skyscraper.

Natalie is then seen in the New York subway station where a gentleman approaches her, introduces himself and tries to rob her. Natalie then knocks him down, and while she tries to flee she violently hits a pole, and she is knocked unconscious. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Natalie then wakes up only to find herself in a hospital. At the hospital Natalie finds herself locked in a private room full of bright flowers and flattering lighting. A hot doctor then greets Natalie glamorous face. Natalie has woken up completely trapped in a rom-com that she had detested a while back.

Natalie in the movie acts alongside Brandon Scott who appears as Donny who is Natalie’s friend, a gay neighbor, and a stylish guy. Also, Betty Gilpin features in the film as Whitney Natalies’s female work rival who is fond of wearing high heels.

A handsome smoldering Liam Hemsworth who appears as Blake also performs a leading role in the film and is one of the people that Natalie will have an affair with the other one being Adam Devine (Josh).

Rebel Wilson is a celebrated Aussie actress and has premiered in many films. Wilson is a law graduate as well as a performance theatre graduate. Besides acting Wilson is a talented film writer and producer.

Wilson has achieved a lot in the entertainment movie industry and has been nominated and won numerous industry awards. Among the awards that he has won in the film industry include Tropfest Best Actress for the role she played in the film Bargain and MTV Movie Awards among others.

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