Recounting The Profession Of Bernardo Chua As The Best Direct Sales Model Leader

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Bernardo Chua is among the most successful entrepreneurs around the world. He grew in the Philippines but had an interest in the Chinese heritage. Chua is an expert in portfolios such as management, marketing, and networking. His formidable career started at Gano Excel where he worked as the executive office. Chua helped grow the business to other cities such as Hong Kong, Canada, and California. He moved to the California firm and became the president; dealing with the sales of brands such as coffee and capsules containing ingredients made from Ganoderma.

Chua is a renowned sales lead when it comes to products such as tea and coffee. Ganoderma is a species of mushroom that grows on logs and has medicinal properties. The fungus is prevalent in China and the Asian continent at large. Bernardo Chua was the first to create an opportunity by selling the herb mixed in coffee and tea. At the early stage of the industry, he specialized in direct sales, which resulted in the fast development of the sector around the Philippines and later throughout the world. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

Bernardo Chua established Organo Gold in 2008. This was a realization of a goal to take Ganoderma to another direction of increased production. He is the Business Executive and the initiator of the company, and within five years of production, it has been ranked 55th in the list of direct selling companies. Chua takes his time to enlighten people through social media. He writes on Twitter, Facebook, and other websites about the benefits of Ganoderma. The education has built a great trust throughout his chain of the market, therefore, minimizing the risk of losing to competition from other upcoming, similar companies.

Chua has received many awards and recognition from his work at the companies; he received Dangal Award in 2014 and credit from National Shoppers. He has also received accolades from five different events for his success in direct sales in the companies.

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