Richard Liu: Jack of Two Trades

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

The millennials of today are job-hopping from one company to the next to find the best fit for them. Much persistence, dedication, and self-improvement are needed to succeed with one professional discipline. Richard Liu not only mastered one career path but then jumped into a faster lane and passed all expectations. His resume is filled with impressive accomplishments in both the medical and financial fields. Let’s start at the beginning to see exactly how he did it.

Liu had a lot of influences from his family who were medical professionals. His father was an otolaryngology specialist, trained in treating ear, throat, and nose problems. His mother, however, was an accomplished dentist. After helping his mom in her office, he began to understand the importance of his studies and started to buckle down for his future.

Richard Liu graduated from the Harvard School of Dentistry and immediately started practicing his craft at Evergreen Dental Care in New Hampshire. He provided expert full-service dental services for his community for the next five years. He would often visit his alma mater, Harvard University, to pass on his knowledge to young students of the future as a part-time lecturer. What he didn’t realize however was that he was falling in love with capital investment and business development. He then shifted gears from his flourishing career to venture capital.

Richard received BS degree in finance from Boston College. He then gained much experience as an analyst at CRT Capital, then FTV Capital, and eventually became an investment banking analyst in Stifel and Thomas Weisel Partners. He then ventured to start his own company, Morningside Venture Capital. Today, Richard Liu sits as a senior associate in Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV). His ability and drive to succeed in two vastly different fields is an inspiration and much hope to the future generations. Anything really is possible.

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