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Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and face behind the largest ecommerce company in China, For the last ten years, has significantly expanded and become a household name across China and other regions, as well. One of the major principles that have been at the center of the company has been its customization services. Addressing the needs of a specific customer and offering the product to their specification has played a critical role in the success of the company.

According to Richard Liu, most of the customers in China wanted services that were tailor-made to suit their tastes and preferences, but they were not getting from the retail outlets across the country. started offering products after listening to what a specific customer would want. For example, customers could get packages that were meeting their specifications. This was a strategic plan of pulling thousands of customers to their side.

Richard Liu Qiangdong notes that generalizing customers has been the root cause of why many retail companies in various parts of the world are failing. For many years, customers have been treated the same and as homogenous. Most of the products in the store are there to be bought by any customer. However, most of the customers out there want goods that are tailor-made for them. started addressing customization needs with the view of attracting the customers who wanted to be treated specially. For example, any customer willing to pay premium prices for goods would get them at the doorstep. The home delivery system, which is a customization strategy, has remained at the helm of to date. It has resulted in one of the most innovative logistical operations in the world.

Richard Liu continues to highlight that there is a group of customers in the market who buy luxurious goods. Most of these customers pay huge amount of money for their products. To make these customers happy, introduced a luxury delivery system where high-end cars and agents dressed in designer suits delivered these products to the customers. This approach endeared to this group of customers making it the leader in the luxury market.

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