Roberto Santiago Shifts Brazilian Economy

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

There is a strong amount of interest in what a shopping center can do when it comes to changing the culture. This is what Roberto Santiago discovered when he created the Manaira Shopping Mall in Brazil. The economy and Brazil was already booming because it was a heavy export environment with natural and raw materials, but Brazilian consumers have shown that they are inclined to boost economic conditions even more with the shopping that is done in this mall.


Tourists are also a big part of this environment. Many of them have become fans of shopping in this environment that Roberto Santiago created because it has all the stores that consumers are looking for.


What Roberto Santiago really had in mind was creating an environment where everything was all inclusive. He knew that this would be something that would entice a lot of people because it allowed them to shop in a way where they would not have to rome outside of this retail environment. Consumers could get everything that they needed all in one place, and that made it exceptionally easy to embrace this type of environment. In fact, this allowed people to spend an entire day here because there was more than shopping presented.


Roberto Santiago also gave people opportunities to engage in entertainment like bowling and movie going. All of these things are vital to improving the shopping experience, and Roberto Santiago envisioned how this will play a big part in creating a shift in what was considered the norm when it came to retail outlets in Brazil.


In an environment that is known heavily for tourism Roberto Santiago felt strongly about making a great shopping environment. He did not want to have something that was as ordinary as anything else. He did not want to subject himself to simply building another mall environment that was like everything else that was out there. Instead, Roberto wanted to put time into creating the type of environment that would allow a plethora of people to enjoy something that was outside of the norm. This is what he realized tourists look for when they come to Brazil. They are not looking to shop in a shopping environment that looks like everything else that they have at home. To the contrary, these are people that are looking for an environment that is totally different from what is considered their regular shopping environment.


With the Manaira Mall Santiago has met these expectations and more. A lot of people see this as the ultimate place for shopping when they are trying to find something to do in Brazil. It allows them to ride amusement park rides, attend movies, go bowling or hang out.