Roberto Santiago: Transforming the Joao Pessoa Lifestyle

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian writer and mall tycoon, known for building the largest mall in the state of Paraiba – Manaira Shopping. Born in 1958 in the Brazilian city of Joao Pessoa, the young Roberto Santiago always dreams of becoming a successful businessman someday. He took up a degree in businesses administration at the University Center of Joao Pessoa, and he used his degree to look for jobs around the city. He became a writer for several publications, and he gained international fame after he decided to shift to online writing. He earned a massive following after his stint as an online writer, and he was surprised at the number of people who are sending him gifts as a form of admiration for his work.

In 1987, Roberto Santiago found a huge lot located conveniently near the city center, and he purchased the property. He asked the best contractor in the city to develop the lot, and he said that what he wanted to see there in a few years would be a gigantic mall. The construction went fast, and in just two years, Manaira Shopping opened its doors to the public. Dubbed as the largest mall in Joao Pessoa and the state of Paraiba, the mall changed the lifestyle of the locals. Along with the beaches and historical sites found in Joao Pessoa, locals are also suggesting a visit to Manaira Shopping especially for foreigners who are on tour.

Manaira Shopping is divided into large sections, including the shopping center, the entertainment center, the food court, and several other facilities. There are also banks, gyms, schools, and residential units inside the complex, and Roberto Santiago stated that he included these structures because it is his dream to see the building he created to become a blueprint for indoor cities that would soon scatter across the country.

The roof deck of Manaira Shopping is home to the Domus Hall, a huge indoor concert arena constructed in 2009. The concert hall offers spacious areas for events, and it can seat 4,000 people. International concerts are also being held in the city, and the Domus Hall is one of the most favorite places where artists perform. Inside the hall, one could also find advanced sound system units, which provide a better audio experience for the people inside.

The city of Joao Pessoa changed after the creation of Manaira Shopping, and there is a lot of developments that would follow, according to Roberto Santiago.