Rocketship Education Public Schools Works Hard to Provide an Outstanding Education

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Rocketship Education Public Schools takes a different approach with education. They want to focus their efforts on poor communities. Children in these communities typically do not receive a high-quality education. Rocketship Education or R schools want to make difference for these individuals. They want to ensure that impoverished communities can have college ready kids that will succeed.

R schools are built into communities where people need help the most. Their efforts make a difference with providing students K – 5 the knowledge they will need to succeed in college. Keep in mind that this school does not teach college level coursework. The fact is that this organization provides advance instruction for elementary level students. The curriculum is designed to provide children with a solid foundation that will prepare and propel them towards a richer learning experience.

Rocketship Education has a deep connection with parents and its students. They include parents in the learning process. They know that parents make a difference. In schools where students are doing extremely well, parental involvement plays a key role in this process. So, R schools make it a point to have parents participating in their child’s learning experience.

R schools also go out of their way to keep accurate data on students. They not only teach students advance instruction, they also personalize their instruction. While they don’t take a cookie cutter approach to education, they still do teach classes as a whole. Students learn through group and classroom instruction as well.

Rocketship Education is located within a few impoverished communities around the nation. The communities where they are located are usually appreciative of their efforts. Rocketship Education wants their schools to promote a culture of excellence. They inform students about how they should be in life. They do not want their students to only be smart but also efficient, productive and functional members of society and in their home. R schools helps students in need to excel in their studies.

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