Ryan Seacrest: The Epitome of the American Dream

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Ryan Seacrest is a producer who doubles up as a television host and the host of one of the American Idol. The show is among the most watched shows in not only in America but all over the world. There’s nothing more satisfying to the body, mind, and soul than living the American Dream. Based on what Seacrest has achieved – having his clothing line, a skincare line, a producer and a television host among others – one can confidently say that Ryan Seacrest is living the American dream.

Are you aware that Ryan Seacrest runs one of the leading menswear brands known as Distinction well-known for celebrating classic and iconic appearance with contemporary looks? As a brand, Distinction delivers some of the best prime fabrics, design, value, and detail to men’s clothing and accessories that are tailored to one’s needs.

That’s not all. As a radio personality, Seacrest runs his daily show program, On Air with Ryan that airs on KIIS-FM, which can be found not only in Canada but across 130 stations in different states across the U.S. Here, expect to be treated with some comedy, talk, and close to five hours of music.

Just recently, Kelly Ripa had an opportunity of working with Seacrest as a permanent co-host on the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” show. As soon as the show began airing, Kelly and Ryan attracted thousands of listeners and viewers with episodes where guests were invited for talk shows and viewers given a chance to win prizes based on some trivia questions posed to them.

Away from radio and TV life, radio show host Ryan Seacrest runs and manages the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a non-profit entity whose mandate is to inspire the youth through a number of education-focused programs. Some of the notable initiatives undertaken here include the construction of media centers in pediatric hospitals aimed at enabling patients to explore creative realms in radio, news media, and tv. Here, the hope is to boost or speed up the healing process of kids as they spend their time in the hospital. All in all, Ryan Seacrest is an accomplished fellow who is truly living the American Dream.

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