Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter Change the Way People Fly in the Private World

Published / by TheRugbyUnion


Many people have heard about the luxuries of flying on a commercial jet. They hear about the wonders of the comfortable seats, the delicious food, and the smooth flights. At the same time, when Sergey Petrossov first set foot on one of these planes, he was struck by something else. He couldn’t believe just how hard it was to book a seat on one of these magical planes. As a result, he decided to do something about it. Now, his company, called JetSmarter, is one of the leaders in the industry. It is worth more than $1 billion and has grabbed the attention of some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Jay-Z and the Saudi Royal Family. He got the idea for his company after flying on a private plane himself.

Sergey Petrossov could not believe just how difficult it was to book a seat on a private plane. For him, it was like taking a step back in time. Someone had to physically call someone else on the phone. Then, they needed to physically sign papers to complete the process. Sergey Petrossov believed this was one of the many reasons why people weren’t using this industry, simply making the cost prohibitive to many people. He set out to change this and make the industry more accessible to a greater number of people.

Using his app, those who are looking to book a seat on a private plane are able to see all of the private flights available. Then, with the push of a button, people can select the flight of their choosing. This is a far easier process than it was in the past. Now, more people are using private planes. This has led to a steep price reduction, further contributing to the growth of the industry. Sergey Petrossov sees his company continuing to grow in the future.