Sergey Petrossov

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

SERGEY PETROSSOVThe funding contributions for a recent startup venture have reached an impressive amount with industry improvements across the board.  The CEO Sergey Petrossov has received important recognition for his startup company with the capital funding to now focus on technology launches with his teams of engineers.  JetSmarter is offering the mass affluent a one-stop shops for traveling with high-quality luxury experiences available for chartered flights.  The company’s membership numbers are growing with the social network now available for JetSmarter’s community of vacationers.  Sergey Petrossov is the founder and CEO of the company with an impressive focus on customer behavioral patterns for luxury traveling experiences.

For those companies selling luxury experiences with travel, the demand side seems to be the focus with word-of-mouth marketing as a strength with technology innovations.  JetSmarter has smartly positioned its services with the luxury market and the mass affluent purchasers more common for private charters.  The personalized care and opportunities for additional services seem valued with this sizable market.  Sergey Petrossov has done a good job as the CEO of the company and his approaches with the affluent markets are notable as impressive leadership.  With the loyal customers and new innovations across the industry, JetSmarter has positioned itself nicely with people who love the services.


Valuation has reached an impressive range with a $1.5 billion achievement for JetSmarter and the founder Sergey Petrossov.  The company has also received support with notable funders that have helped the company in other ways with word of mouth marketing.  The achievements and the luxury experiences go nicely with additional offers for discounts and shared charter flights.  The network is benefiting as a group with better utilization and capacity planning for the industry’s service providers.    The combination of services and customers across different income markets is also helping to build interest in such amazing luxury experiences.  Sergey Petrossov is a smart entrepreneur and an experienced leader now with the affluent groups of travel-goers.