Sharon Prince Grace Farms involve works of arts

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Sharon Prince is someone who truly cares about being a difference-maker in other people’s lives. And because Gracie Farms, which was founded in New Canaan, CT, provides award-winning design, many guests to the site have appreciated the uniqueness of it.

Indeed, the design and architecture of Gracie Farms is an amazing sight with long stretches of glass. The look and feel of Gracie Farms is a true testament to SANAA, the award-winning, architectural firm that helped bring Gracie Farms from a plan to real life.

Some of the themes that are focused on at Grace Farms involve works of arts, especially performing arts for all guests to enjoy. It is a very inclusive locale that accepts people of all creeds, nationalities and races. Indeed, people come from many corners of the earth to visit Gracie Farms.

Gracie Farms delivers a wonderful mix of many different activities for many visitors to enjoy. Plus, Gracie Farms hosts many workshops and events concerning the subject of justice, community and faith.

And the many causes that Sharon Prince believes in and wholeheartedly supports has propelled her to earn many big awards like the Abolitionist Award. And in 2017, Sharon Prince was also awarded the Auburn Seminary award. Prince has been able to hatch a welcoming and distinguished place like Grace Farms successfully.

The milieus like environment and sustainability were key elements that reflect the distinct building design of Gracie Farms. The design company chosen to create Gracie Farms utilized Connecticut’s landscape to make the design match the landscape. And Sharon Prince Grace Farms snagged the AIA’s (American Institute of Architects) 2017 Architecture Honor Award because of Gracie Farms.

At Gracie Farms, many worshippers can come and attend a Sunday service. There are Sunday breakfast functions at Gracie Farms. Gracie Farms believes in supporting spiritual beliefs along with one’s religious beliefs.

Regarding her educational resume, Sharon Prince attended the University of Tulsa. She earned a bachelor’s degree (BBA) as well as a Master’s degree while at university.

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