Sharon Prince Offering A Serene Place to the People

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Grace Farms is open seven days a week. To provide the best to the community ‘it’s free to the public, and they encourage the people to be actively involved in different on-site programs. At the farm, it is possible to meet with people from different backgrounds. Hear thoughts of other leaders, get close to nature, and get to see art.

The farm is on an 80 acres land and its one of the largest open area in Fairfield country. During the summer ‘it’s the best time at Grace Farm, and they ensure they offer all kinds of activities. Under the sunny days, Grace Farm will provide a reflective, serene and beautiful area, and people can have a place to escape their hustle of life.

Sharon Prince is the chair and president of Grace Farm. Because of her experience is latter, Sharon is aware that people need to take time, and capture their best lives with the family. Besides, the other thing that she offers the people is by making use of the programs provided to the farm to create opportunities for people to discover their passion in life. During the visits at Grace Farm, people have received the idea of how they can change their lives by getting rid of negativity.

She has been a part of Grace Farm Foundation for so many years now, and because of her leadership skills, it’s the reason why they have received tremendous results. She has received a lot of appraisals, all because of the development and growth received in the letter. In her career path, one thing that has been of help is the detailed plans he has for the farm. Her university education he attained it from the University of Tulsa where he received his MBA and BS/BA. Also, she is a part of the Next Generation Napel. The foundation deals with reuniting parents with their children.

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