Sharon Prince Sees Hope For The Future With Grace Farms

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Despite the violence and other scary things in the world, Carrie Mae Weems has not given up hope for humanity to change the future into something better. This vision is shared by Sharon Prince of Grace Farms who was recently happy to announce that the artist Carrie Mae Weems would be working with her organization to further spread their shared vision of peace and a better world. Weems has become influential as an artist throughout the United States and her work has inspired many. She recently put on a performance of her piece called Past Tense at Grace Farms that touched on issues such as inequality, justice, and race. Sharon Prince Grace Farms was happy to see the reaction that viewers had to the performance.

Carrie Mae Weems uses images, text, and words to convey message of despair and hope to her audiences. Sharon Prince shares her concerns about the future of humanity and wants to be able to make a difference in a world that is experiencing so many problems. Grace Farms Foundation was created in order to serve their community as a public space that allows them to enjoy nature, art, and technology with others or just by themselves.

Sharon Prince opened Grace Farms in 2015, but she formed Grace Farms Foundation back in 2009 with lofty plans for the future. The President and Chair of the organization is known for using her time and other resources to fight injustices in the world such as slavery and the exploitation of children around the world. Many people are unaware that these problems still exist in the modern world and she hopes that with awareness, these practices can potentially come to an end. She has been recognized for the efforts that she has been making multiple times by several organizations.

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