Should You Buy Stock in New Residential Investment Corp.?

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Are you thinking of investing in New Residential Investment Corporation on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)? To invest in this corporation, you will have to know its name on the NYSE as well as to know how it has done on the NYSE?

Stock Name

The name of the Residential Investment Corp. is called NRZ on the NYSE.

Recent Stock Activity

On January 15th, 2019, the final price was 15.89. It had a high of 15.96 with a low of 15.79. The volume of its stock activity was1 3,586,502. On the 14th of January of 2019, you will see that the final price was 15.83. The high price was 15.93 at a low price of 15.72. The volume of  Residential Investment stock activity was 3,224,507. On January 11th of 2019, 15.78 was the final price. The low price was 15.61 with a high of 15.80. The total volume of its stock activity was 2,796,811.

On the 10th of January 2019, at the end of the day, the value of New Residential Investment Corp. was 15.73. The high was 15.73 and the low price was 15.52. The volume on this day was 3,636,586. On January 9th, 2018, the value of this company’s stock was 15.64 at the end of the day. The high price was 15.66 while the low price of the day was 15.34. The volume of stock activity was the highest that it has been in the first month of January at 5,325,770.

On the 8th day of January in the year 2019, the final price for New Residential Investment Corp. was 15.23. The low price was 15.11 while the high was 15.23. The volume of this 8th day was 3,425,491. On the 7th of January of 2019, the price at the end of the day was 15.08. The price had reached a high of 15.35 and a low of 14.87. The volume of this day was 4,942, 976,

The Background of this Company

What is New Residential Investment Corp.? This corporation is the corporation that you want to go to invest in home real estate. It focuses on assets that are related to home mortgage financial assets. For federal income taxes, this company is considered to be a real estate investment trust (REIT). This corporation is part of the international investment company called Fortress Investment Group, LLC.

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