Smita Shah: Working smarter for the female entrepreneur

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Her company, SPANN Tech, Inc. is known around the country for solving some of the most complex projects on the market. As a female engineer, Smita Shah has been in the trenches with men for so long that she’s developed ways for other women business owners or workers to get ahead. Shah has dazzled many with her nerd personality since her elementary days to where she stood out on campus doing “math relays.” Now, her success has encouraged her to shed some light on how other women can make it to the top. 


Her methods are direct and raw in nature as she tries to get the female entrepreneur to realize what they must do to get ahead in an all-male world of business. One technique that she mentions is for women in the workplace to never forget to take credit for projects they’ve done. Shah says there is nothing wrong with giving yourself praise because if you don’t do it, it might never come. Further, she recommends female entrepreneurs should always have a “boss” mentality. Most girls, as Shah states, are raised to be timid or passive in their behavior. This is something Shah encourages businesswomen to lose and make it a point to be assertive in nature. Learn more:


Shah has made the time to help other women succeed in business by letting them know the road to success can be easy. She offers tips on demeanor and how women need to be just as cutthroat as the males can be in certain situations. Shah doesn’t hold back when telling female entrepreneurs to play the card game of business with their male counterparts. At some part in one’s career, one has to be willing to deal with what comes to them in the business environment. Shah states that business women should always believe in themselves. This can be done with personal pep talks to their inner voice that’s pushing them forward. Shah continues that women need to feel happy about their past accomplishments and stop focusing on mistakes. Learn from their past and look at how far they have come. This is one of the best ways female entrepreneurs can maintain focus and thrive in a successful career. She notes that all experiences can be up and down, even if you are male. There is not a particular gender that fits mistakes in our past lives. 


Shah insists that it’s important for those around you to respect one’s position in the business world. She states it’s never a good idea to allow any slighting to your authority. In Shah’s view, this is not only a disaster but when you accept these jabs it not good for what you stand for as a leader. It doesn’t matter how petty it might seem, Shah says in order to get respect, then assert your authority as much as you can. Don’t let environments undermine your role as an authority figure in your current position. This will get you respect and tell others what you don’t tolerate.

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