Smita Shah’s Advice For Women Professionals In The Corporate World

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Everyone wants to be successful in their fields, whether it be a career in health care, in the arts, or in corporate workplaces. Competitiveness is one of the things that you need to face in order to become successful in your chosen field. Another thing that can hinder someone from success is workplace stereotypes, which not only make the work environment more toxic, it also causes harmonious and efficient teamwork.


According to Smita Shah, one of the things that add to toxicity in the workplace is stereotyping, especially in the roles of men and women. As the CEO of SPAAN Tech, Shah thrived for success. She studied at prestigious schools such as Oxford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in both engineering and business education.


Smita Shah thrived and fought her way towards success, and she believes that she can do anything she sets her mind into because is confident of her skills. With this in mind, Shah believes that the discrimination that women usually face in the workplace is related to poor self-image.


One of the things that Smita Shah recommends for women in the workplace is to always believe in their skills. A healthy self-image is necessary to reach success in the corporate world. Shah highlights the importance of gaining experience, as it is one of the things that help in gaining experience. This step also includes knowing what your abilities are and how to improve them.


Giving a strong impression in the corporate world is also important, as it determines how the future relationship in the office would turn out. Smita Shah highlights the importance of presenting yourself to other people properly, this includes adopting the traditional business appearance and having a proper posture.


Making a recognition for a job well-done is a great way to motivate employees. A good leader will always make a way to make sure that each and every effort is recognized. But in a chaotic workplace, it is hard to know who is the right one to be credited for a job well done. Smita Shah advises women in the workplace to not let other people around to take the credit. These credits are opportunities and proof that you’re a capable employee. Learn more:


It is important to have a long-term career goal, but in order to reach it, it is recommended to focus on short-term goals first. Instead of focusing on the long-term effect of your past mistake, Smita Shah pointed out that focusing on how to improve yourself to avoid doing the mistake from happening is more important. Shah also advises avoiding complying with feminine stereotypes. You don’t have to fetch coffee or lunch, because that’s not your responsibility. Everyone in the workplace is equal and should be recognized. 

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