Steve Lesnard: Brand Marketing Guru

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Steve Lesnard is an up-and-coming brand marketer who offers a lot of his insight to the sports world. He helps influence brands to run successful campaigns that make sure to understand their consumers in modern times. Lesnard had participated in sports his whole life, even while in business school, in France, where he was president of the sports club. He had experience in organizing a large number of sporting events at his school. He graduated and went to get his MBA in entrepreneurship at Babson College. After graduate school, his first job was at Wolford, a luxury fashion brand based out of New York City.

Then he moved west to get his first job in global sports marketing and product management, where he made his dream of working in sports marketing happen. He finished roles such as making up seasonal products, planning new lines, and signing on athletes for the Winter Olympics. He then began the development of products for elite and everyday athletes, making it a great learning experience on how you can turn an idea into a real-world, tangible concept. Steve Lesnard has intense insight into sports marketing, and the sports marketing consumer through relying on technology to give him the data that he needs in order to determine if there is key information he can use to the company’s advantage. New technology helps his company stay ahead of competitors. Although it could be said that sports consumers change brands often, with high expectations since sports consumers are very demanding.

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