Steve Lesnard: The Modern Marketing Mastermind

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Steve Lesnard began his marketing career as a young boy who was enthusiastic for sports. After finishing off business school in France, he then traveled to the USA and received his MBA in entrepreneurship. Soon enough after finishing off graduate school, Steve Lesnard found a job working in product management and global sports marketing. He proceeded to advance very quickly in this industry, soon doing tasks such as signing athletes for the Winter Olympics, and even moved on to product development, which helped him branch out into branding.

One key reason that why Steve Lesnard has been very successful in this industry is due to the fact that he has depended on technology to help brands and companies flourish with the use of data. His successful experience working a handful of sports marketing roles has helped him get a clear insight on how to build a very successful sports brand and how to keep the consumers interested. He also believes that in order for top sports brands to prosper, they must keep up with the expectations and demands of the consumers by staying innovative and and adaptive.

Steve Lesnard says that in this age, influencers have a big platform and can get their message out to consumers, which is a genius marketing strategy. He understands that the buyers are in the middle of everything and that companies must keep up with the high expectations that the consumers have, so having influencers marketing for the brand helps the company get more exposure. Click here.