Steve Ritchie Address Customers In Apology Letter

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Papa John’s new CEO Steve Ritchie has started off as a leader of the pizza chain by apologizing to customers about their service and a tainted image. It was started off by a genuine letter from the CEO describing that there will be many changes coming to the pizza brand with experts overseeing the process, team members listening to other franchises and customers for feedback, and holding themselves accountable from now on. Steve Ritchie gave an apology for their actions in the past and he cleverly stated that not one person makes Papa John’s who they are, but every single employee as they contribute to the community for good or worse. The CEO clearly wants to win the trust of loyal customers who have been with Papa John’s for quite some time, all while gaining new members too. Steve Ritchie mentioned that he would, of course, be overseeing and leading the new efforts for the pizza chain and recognizes that this will all take some time. In the apology letter, the CEO thanked all the loyal customers who have been with them over the years and that each individual matters to their success. An article from lists that this was a terrific decision from the individual and how the wording was phrased well. The letter was also proceeded by one on the company’s site that was the same with Ritchie’s name on it. Steve Ritchie cleverly stated that the company is going in a different direction and that no one person is bigger than the chain. He also emphasized that each team member is more than just that, that each is of value to the community and can better it for everyone who lives in it. Even more importantly, the CEO stated that he would be leading the new changes and would be holding himself and everyone at the pizza chain accountable. – main article