Stopping Drug Use in Jail with Securus Technologies

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Drugs are one of the biggest problems for me and my staff of corrections officers. When the inmates have access to drugs, they become more violent than when they are unable to get their hands on this contraband. Some inmates can not handle drugs like heroin or crack, and they become impossible to contain, often needing a half-dozen or more officers to bring the inmate to the ground. Our prison was in the middle of an epidemic, and my superiors wanted things to change immediately.


On a normal day in the prison, we do surprise cell inspections or run visitors through a number of checkpoints to check for any trace of drugs. These efforts make a dent in the issue, but are not stopping the flow of drugs by any means. When I heard Securus Technologies was installing a new inmate call system in the jail, I got excited because I recognized we would have another resource to discovering where the drugs were coming from and to stop it once and for all.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas Texas, and CEO Rick Smith says that his one thousand employees are all working towards the one goal of making the world a safe place for us all to live. This objective of the company is why I felt so strong this technology would make a difference, and soon after I was trained on the LBS software, we saw results.


That first week of monitoring the calls for drug chatter, we uncovered a wealth of information. On one call, inmates were talking about doing drugs in the cells at night and where they hit all the contraband. Other calls have yielded information leading to the arrest of visitors coming to the jail with drugs, or inmates forcing others to sell the drugs and kick up the cash.