Stratford Shields’ Positive Attributes in the Finance Industry

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Constant innovation in a certain field is far more important than the duration spent gaining experience in the same job. This is a savvy understanding shared by Stratford Shields, the MD at Loop Capital Markets. The expert businessman has garnered more than two decades of leadership experience in the municipal finance industry.

Educational and career information of Stratford Shields


Stratford Shields enrolled in the Ohio State University and received a B.A. in History. Additionally, he was awarded an MBA and an M.A. in Political Science at the University of Columbia. He has worked as the treasurer and vice chairman of the association in the municipal finance industry. He was the chairman of SIMFA in the municipal section. As a leader, he made an impact in securities companies by establishing a voluntary ban that opposed the contribution of funds in bond ballot elections.

As an investment banker, he has led in privatization and the municipal finance in landmark transactions for institutions like Ohio State University. The entity put its $ 483 million for a parking system with an allowance of 50 years, awarded ‘deal of the year’ by Bond Buyer in non-traditional financing. Stratford Shields is praised for being among the best investment banker having made above $ 30 billion worth of transactions for international clients in diverse areas. He majors in transaction structuring and credit strategies for satisfactory financing outcomes.

Stratford Shields obtained the idea to start his company while working with the former CFO of Ohio State University at Morgan Stanley, public finance section. The interest in privatization ideas by the CFO in improving the operations at the entity and raising funds for its success contributed to the entrepreneur’s insights in his enterprise. In the future, he is passionate about denationalization with the health care systems and universities. He owes his business endeavors to interactive sessions with clients and high attention to details.