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Sussex Healthcare is a network of homes that was founded in 1985. It is based in the United Kingdom and specializes in offering care to the elderly and people with disabilities. Sussex Healthcare offers excellent nursing services to the residents. Over the years, the group has diversified its services.

Currently, Sussex has over 20 homes in different parts of the United Kingdom. Most of the patients suffer from dementia and other neurological disorders. Sussex Health also offers physiotherapy and massage to the residents with physical injuries.

Other services include dental services, daycares, and gyms for physical fitness. The vision of Sussex Healthcare Limited is to offer quality services. Through the incorporation of modern technology, the group has successfully managed to provide their services more efficiently.

The efforts and professionalism of the employees have been instrumental in the success of Sussex Healthcare. The group has a team of specialists that offer personalized care to the patients. The compassionate nature of the employees makes the residents feel at home away from home. Sussex invests in training their employees. This is in a bid to equip them with the necessary for their jobs.

Moreover, this ensures that they are motivated and confident. This team is dedicated to achieving the vision of Sussex. Their effort in providing that the elderly patients have a dignified life is commendable. The excellent leadership at Sussex Health has also steered the group to its growth. This has resulted in this independent home provider being the best of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Sussex believes that good health goes beyond just the absence of illness. There is an aspect of the fitness of the body, emotions, and mind. This approach focuses on the organization as a whole. Therefore Sussex Healthcare is committed to ensuring their patients are active both physically and socially. Consequently, the group has adopted leisure and entertainment activities that the residents can be involved in. The employees help the residents to take part in these activities. This strategy has been proved to be useful since it does keep the residents relaxed. Sussex Healthcare: Celebrating 25 Years of Care