Sweetgreen Co-Founder, Nathaniel Ru, a Key Player in Fast Food Model

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Fast food industry is rapidly expanding its scope of operations and diversity of services. Sweetgreen serves a vast geographical customer base with fresh, healthy, and organic fast foods that are locally manufactured or processed. According to Nathaniel Ru, a chief executive officer at Sweetgreen, the demand for fast food is continually expanding.

This trend has lately been sparked by the need to feed a large global population. Efficiency at Sweetgreen has particularly been realized through smart transaction systems that include the company’s mobile application and website.

Technology is particularly cited as the main contributor to the success at Sweetgreen. With the later national recognition and new offices in Los Angeles, the company runs without central headquarters. Nathaniel Ru advocates for decentralization of resources and services to meet the necessary industrial revolution.

Nathaniel together with Jonathan, his co-CEO, and Nicolas pursued entrepreneurial studies at Georgetown University. The three are first generation immigrants and ails from entrepreneurial oriented families.

The idea of establishing Sweetgreen was timely considering poor eating options present to the residents of Georgetown. In 2007 the trio started their first restaurant after graduating from college.

Nathaniel Ru advocates more reading to young entrepreneurs as the best way of fetching all the necessary skills in life and business. He further credits team work in building ideas and implementing them to further business course.

Nathaniel Ru received a finance degree from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. It is after this study that he collaborated with his the dual, Jonathan and Nicholas in establishing a fast casual seasonal kitchen with the primary intent on local sourcing and enhancing sustainability.

The later development of Sweetgreen has gained popularity of World Series services in over 27 regions across six countries. The company is currently focusing its expansion to the west coast.

Additionally, the idea behind Sweetgreen was first derived from the belief that clients need healthy, delicious and eco-friendly meals. Further, clients are keen with pricing, service-value worthiness, and tastes among other communal factors.

In 2010, the trio established Sweetlife, a firm that is now renowned for its exceptional services in music and food festivals. The firm now attracts over 20, 000 clients and features top profile artists.

In summary, Sweetgreen works with top experienced chefs, modern food trucks, farmers and local purveyors. The company is committed to promoting healthy living, wellness, and sustainability in fast food processing, packaging and distribution.