Talkpsace Offers Hope to People with Mental Health Issues

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Michael Phelps is the new face of Talkspace. Talkspace is an app that offers affordable and accessible mental health care. The company noticed that it is often too expensive for people to get mental heath care, and some parts of the country do not have a mental health doctor available to them. Phelps was delighted to be able to raise the profile of the company. Unknown to most, Phelps has suffered from crippling anxiety and depression. It got so bad that he stayed in his room for days at a time. He knows how important it is to get help. Check out this article of talkspace at

Talkspace offers that help. It has fully licensed doctors and therapists who are experts in a wide range of mental health issues. For a monthly fee, users can talk, text, email, and video message qualified experts. Patients do not need to drive miles to see a professional. The app can be used anywhere there is a phone or internet connection. Talkspace has experts in anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD, and OCD among other things. The app is completely secure, and confidentiality is of prime importance. The first step of reaching out for help can be intimidating, and it is often not possible for people to talk to their families, at least at first. Talkspace can be that first line of help that can often save someone’s life.

Talkspace also has a range of chat rooms and forums that people can access. It is a way to form a community, and users can ask questions of others who have been through the same things that they have. It is a safe place to communicate with people who understand the issues that people are facing. Talkspace has helped over a million people so far, and Michael Phelps is proud to have joined up with the company.

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