Ted Bauman warns about possible trade war

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Ted Bauman is a financial expert and one of the best today. He normally analyzes events that are taking place in the world and relating their impact on the financial market. He has experience from years of traveling around the world and working in different environments in the financial sector. One of the countries that he has worked in for a long time in South Africa. One thing that he noticed while in South Africa is that a lot of products that were sold in the country came from American companies. The same thing happens in other countries such as Switzerland and German where he has also spent some time. However, even as these countries import some products, they are still making numerous products for themselves. They do not have to depend on the United States solely for survival.

Ted Bauman was born in Maryland, United States. He attended the University of Cape Town. He holds two degrees in Economics and History. After his degree, he did not leave the country, he stayed on and started working in different sectors. For 25 years, he was working with different non-profit organizations. He then moved back to the United States where he is now working from. In 2013, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing where he has been using the experience he has gathered from the industry to publish materials on investments and the financial sector in general. His newsletter has over 100,000 subscribers.

Ted Bauman has warned about a possible trade war between the United States and other countries due to some policies that the government of the United States is putting in place. President Trump has put tariffs on some products coming into the United States, but such a move will only hurt the US economy. Trade wars with China and the European Union will likely lead to less demand for American products in other countries.

Ted Bauman is worried that American companies that are established in other countries will mostly suffer from any attempt by the current administration to trigger a trade war with other countries. American companies are doing their business in China, and they need to be protected since they do bring back a lot of revenue back in the country.

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  1. I quite agree with what Ted Bauman thought about President Trumps action against goods coming to America. In the awake of the year, there were so much influx of Chinese goods to the America, people no longer buys from the Americans and if this is allowed to continue, I feel things will just get worsen. Indeed after reading this blog relationship starters blog I understand that what Trump is doing is for the Americans to continue patronizing their products while importing less from other countries and at the same time, increase export.