The Accomplishments of Jose Auriemo Neto at JHSF

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

The real estate industry in Brazil is lucrative. By looking into real estate firms such as JHSF, people realize that the expert business leaders within the corporation play a significant role in the corporation’s operations. The leaders are the key players since they are also tasked with formulating different policies that help to steer the company in a specific direction. Since 1993, JHSF has been led by Jose Auriemo Neto. After his father- Fabio Auriemo retired, Jose Auriemo Neto became the CEO of the organization. Before being appointed as an executive, Jose Auriemo was first groomed to make sure that he is knowledgeable about the basics present in the real estate industry in Brazil.

For starters, he went to study engineering, and he later undertook a business related course. His main goal was to make sure that he could become a good leader. He also wanted to make sure that he has emulated his father while also making sure that his legacy still lives on. In 1993, he was happy to assume a leadership position at JHSF. Before Jose Auriemo Neto began to make some major changes at JHSF, he first analyzed the real estate sector in Brazil for five years. In 1998, he had completed his unique evaluation, and he had already discovered some potential areas that JHSF could delve into, and they included incorporation among other areas. Also, he wanted to make sure that the firm could earn recurring income.

Jose Neto says that JHSF could develop commercial and residential property in Brazil since they could guarantee recurring income. The firm went ahead to develop malls, hotels and resorts, and an executive airport. JHSF has developed many malls; however, the mall that has gained a lot of popularity at a global scale is the CidadeJardim. Jose Auriemo Neto made sure that the mall was uniquely designed and it would be outstanding. Various top international brands were impressed by the CidadeJardim mall, and they expressed their interest in renting some stalls. Most of the brands dealt with the fashion industry, and they include Pucci, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Rene Caovilla, among others. Another significant achievement that JHSF has achieved under the tenure of Jose Auriemo Neto is the ability to become a global real estate company.