The Benefits of Dr Saad Saad Medical Inventions in Surgical Department

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Dr. Saad Saad is a medical practitioner who has significantly improved the current settings of the medical industry. He has offered himself to research and innovate some of the most advanced medical tools that will change the lives of individuals who are seeking medical attention from the doctors. After working the surgical department for more than forty years, Dr Saad has demonstrated commitment, knowledge, and skills in discovering some of the most advanced tools that have played a key role in helping individuals to get quality treatment services and they heal earlier. On the other hand, physicians working in the same industry have benefited which highlights the needs for more tools.


Electromagnetic Catheter Locator

Initially, physicians were locating the position of the catheter by the use of long wires that were inserted into the body of an individual through the necessary opening. This was a challenging aspect as it exposed human beings to extreme dangers, especially if it could accidentally get stuck in the body of a person. The other tool brought about to locate the catheter include X-ray radiations and magnetic imaging resonance.


The problem is that both X-ray scans and magnetic imaging resonance have a significant number of challenges. One of the significant challenges is that the MRI equipment is very heavy to carry around and is likely to break with ease hence not offering the best services. Besides, the X-ray radiations are known to have significant health challenges such as causing cancer or exposing the body to other serious medical problems such as damaging the soft tissues.


The new catheter developed by Dr. Saad Saad has a magnetic field such that anytime it is inserted in the body of an individual to remove fluids, a physician can easily detect its position by the use of an electromagnetic detector. This device will detect a magnetic field in the area hence informing the person who is using this device the position of the catheter. Using the electromagnetic energy, the device will receive signals in the form of light from the catheter hence notifying the surgeon or the medical practitioners on the location of the catheter.



Another important discovery that Dr. Saad Saad brought is bringing an advanced endoscope that helps individuals to see the internal organs of the body before conducting any type of surgical operations. It is crucial for a doctor to see the internal parts of the body so that he can perform the surgery with a clear picture in mind about various body parts looks like. The endoscope currently used by Dr. Saad wipes all the fluids that block the visibility of the of the lenses making them clear such that one can see the internal part of the body without challenges. Learn more :