The Career Of Alex Pall

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Alex Pall is at the height of his career. He is a Hollywood sensation. He has made major moves in the music industry being a member of The Chainsmokers. Alex Pall is a great example of someone having a dream and doing everything possible to make that dream come true.

Before Alex Pall’s group was topping the music charts, Alex Pall was young and looking for his way to break into the intense music business. He was working in New York City. The dj scene in New York City is like none other. It is unique, vibrant and engaging. A lot of aspiring musicians travel to New York City in hopes of making a name for themselves. That is often very hard for people to do and only some are able to make it into the industry. Luckily, Alex Pall was meant to make it.

He started getting a few bookings in the city. He was very ambitious and saw how others were able to do very well. But eventually realty settled in, though he loved his hobby, he also needed a job. So, he found work at a local art gallery. But curating art for a gallery was not what he came to New York to accomplish. Instead, he wanted to make music for others to enjoy. So, he decided he would give music another shot. This time he succeeded.

A professional already established in the music business came across Alex Pall. He saw the vision and future the young dj could have. This individual also knew of another up and coming dj. He joined the two. They instantly clicked. In Alex Pall’s apartment, these two ambitious djs created music full of meaning and emotions and laid the framework for The Chainsmokers.

The Chainsmokers have been able to create incredible success for themselves due to how they are able to relate to their fans. Their music thoughtful, fun, and feel good. The artists are apart of the entire music process ensuring that their music will fully satisfy their audience and their personal loves of creating fell good meaningful music.