The Changes Jack Plotkin is Hoping to Make to Telehealth

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

JACK PLOTKIN2020 is here and technology is booming. The way that life is handled is so different today than it was even 20 years ago. The healthcare industry, and more particularly telehealth, is one of the industries seeing major changes thanks to technology. People such as Jack Plotkin, are involved in making these changes and ensuring that telehealth is being properly used. Here are a few of the changes that people such as Jack Plotkin, are working hard to make to the telehealth industry.

Changing the Way Metrics Are Input and Used

One of the changes that Jack Plotkin is hoping to make to telehealth is the way that metrics are input and used. Anyone who has ever used a telehealth app knows it can be frustrating. You have to input your weight, height, age and what your goals are. By the time you get to the information you really want to input, you are bored and over it. Jack is working to change the set-up and pre-fill all this information, so you are not constantly having to put it in.

Transforming the Way Telehealth Information Can Be Shared

Another way that Jack Plotkin is working to transform telehealth is by changing the way that telehealth information is shared. Imagine inputting your blood sugar readings into an app every day and having that information shared with your doctor, your cardiologist and other healthcare professionals you are working with. Your doctors would all share information and work together, ensuring everyone who has the needed information has it.


Jack Plotkin is the head of the start-up VirtualHealth, and the CEO and founder of Cardinal Solutions. He likes to transform industries through technology, thus changing the way that we all live for the better. Telehealth is an industry that Jack is passionate about, as technology can bring so much to the healthcare industry. This is why he is working so hard to implement all of these changes, transforming the healthcare industry and telehealth in this new decade.