The Ever-Popular Clothing Brand The North Face Has A New Global VP President Of Marketing Named Steve Lesnard

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Marketing is an essential component to building a company to be successful. Marketing powerhouse Steve Lesnard has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to making your business stand out in an oversaturated market. He starts by saying that companies who have a compelling story and mission are the ones who stick out. Modern consumers understand when they purchase a product or service, where the money goes. They want to support companies who are changing the world for the better. Be that company who has a higher purpose to selling a product. These companies are more likely to succeed in the current and future markets.

When creating a product, do it right. With a plethora of companies to choose from, modern consumers are going to buy the most quality product. Put a lot of thought and care into what you make. Personalizing products is a huge thing in the current market. When you market your product to just the right audience, then you are more likely to succeed. Once you have an audience of consumers, make sure you take care of them. This ensures your success for the future of your company. When customers like your product, your service, and mission, then you will gain loyal consumers. Putting in that extra effort to make sure they are happy goes a long way.

Steve Lesnard is the global vice president of marketing for The North Face. The successful businessman entered the position in 2019 and has already made huge improvements to the clothing giant. Steve Lesnard was educated at the Massachusetts-based university, Babson College. He earned a Master of Business Administration degree in entrepreneurship and business. The businessman worked for Goldman Sachs before joining The North Face. Steve Lesnard currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and three children.

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