The Golden Rules of College Football Betting

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A century ago, if you would have told me that college football betting was possible, like many of the football fans back in the 18th century, I would have given you a weird look. But here we are, betting on campus football matches is actually making millionaires of the average Joe. You cannot afford to be left out. If you are like me, you already started doing the research to learn all the jargon that goes on in the football. Moreover, you also want to know who is the best bookmaker with all the lucrative gambling on football odds out there. A lot of my research led me to the likes of who are quite big on college football gambling. Nonetheless, in case you still find problems learning the jargon, let me break it down for you.

Spread Betting, Money Line and the Juice

Yes, the approach is quite similar to its big brother, the NFL, so spread betting does apply. The spread bet, also referred to as the line, is the bookmaker’s way of ensuring that the odds are equal for both parties; that is the punter and the bookmaker. If betting was merely on who wins and who loses at the end of the match, everyone will walk home rich, and this is bad business for bookmakers like Accordingly, they introduced the line which is a conditional margin that has to be fulfilled in order to win. The money line bet simply allows you to pick your winning team then your win is calculated according to the odds placed on the competing teams; therein the money line. The payout is directly related to the money line placed, which is another difference from spread betting. The juice is simply the fee paid to the bookmaker for allowing you to place your spread bets or money lines. You can also call it the commission paid to the bookmaker when you win the bet.

Why I recommend Covers

I came about when I was researching for a role model in the sports betting world; the Teddy Covers kept showing up a lot. As usual, I read through his profile and admired how realistic his gambling ways are. It’s the same spirit I picked up from the website which offers tangible advice that you can actually follow. As Teddy Covers would advise, let the information gathered guide you rather than copy everything he does.

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  1. One more thing, has attractive football odds compared to all other bookmaker sites I researched. Generally, the juice is a wager of around -110 which the bookmaker collects at the end of the game. I have to aslo support for what they have planned to do and I know it’s affecting them as well.