The Inspirational Endeavors of Raffaele Riva

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Launching a startup that turns a profit proves elusive to many entrepreneurs. Succeeding with multiple startups and then founding a powerful international financial umbrella company isn’t something many entrepreneurs can say they did. Raffaele Riva can. After a lifetime of progressive business achievements, Riva founded Aurea Multi-Family Office. The company overseas subsidiaries that handle wealth planning, asset management, and scores of other accounting and financial duties. Many wonders about how Riva attained such incredible levels of success. He doesn’t hold back when asked about the characteristics necessary to do well.

No matter what business endeavor someone explores, customer service factors into success. So does giving people what they want and knowing what they need. Raffaele Riva says to look at ways to make people’s lives better. Determine how to provide them with something of value. Clients and customers gravitate towards companies that deliver things that fulfill needs. So, focus on creating products and services of value.

There is value, and then there are values. Raffaele Riva also discusses the importance of staying true to personal values and priorities. In business, competitors, partners, and other entities may try to influence someone away from focusing on his/her priorities. Riva strongly points out you can’t let others determine your priorities.

Raffaele Riva believes business persons should fully embrace education and learning. As an avid reader, Riva expands his insights on many subjects. He feels the pursuit of knowledge helps prevent entrepreneurs from falling behind the times.

Riva also believes in the importance of living a life outside of your business ventures. He enjoys the arts, collects classic cars, belongs to the Monaco Yacht Club, and helps support the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana. A life that is all work isn’t likely an enjoyable one.

Riva’s self-motivation served him well. He and his actions can inspire many.