The Latest from EOS Lip Balm

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

EOS lip balm was created to be innovative, so it makes sense that the company makes exclusively innovative products for their consumers. The lip balm industry was stagnant before EOS came along. EOS single-handedly breathed life into the stagnant water to make a rushing river of new ides and innovation, EOS lip balm creates new products with fresh flavors to tantalize the senses and encourage excellent lip health. The lips are a key indicator when someone is dehydrated or even feeling ill.

The Summer Fruit EOS lip balm is an excellent option for anyone that is dealing with dry lips and want the refreshing elements from summer fruit to heal their lips. The Summer Fruit EOS comes in a bright red sphere container. The lip balm is enfused with all natural ingredients. You should try this one to pair up with your summer style.

The Strawberry Sorbet EOS is a delightful strawberry flavor that is enfused with scents of the delightful berry. The lip balm container is strawberry pink. It’s perfect for anyone who loves strawberry scents as a part of their beauty regimen. The lip balm is excellent for anyone who wants to add some strawberry to their daily summer skin care.

The EOS lip balm products are sold wherever the company has partnerships. Costco, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, beauty stores, and the online EOS store all carries the products. EOS lip balms are excellent for anyone who wants to have fresh and healed lips. EOS is one of the top lip balm companies in the country, so they’re worth checking out.