The Natural Powerhouses In The Genucel Line by Chamonix

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

They say that with age comes wisdom, but for the skin so does undereye bagginess, fine lines, wrinkles, unfortunately. The answer is through the Genucel Line by a leading skincare brand, Chamonix. Chamonix scientifically chose four natural powerhouses to produce positive results for aging skin within its Genucel line.

#1: Eyeseryl

Eyeseryl can be referred to as Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 and is composed of four peptides. The body is a translation system and peptides are the reading material. Skincare uses this chemistry to create area-targeted “reading material” for the skin. Eyeseryl’s peptides are specialized to trigger responses in reducing edema, boosting collagen, and calming inflammation. The main culprit behind undereye bags is water retention and congestion near the eyes. As aging causes skin to lose its firmness, Eyeseryl is designed to pull out the excess water while triggering the body to produce more collagen where it is topically applied.

#2: PhytoCell Tec.

PhytoCell tec science is based around stem cell research. Stem cells are responsible for the healing and growth of new cells. PhytoCell Tec was chosen specifically for the stem cells of Swiss apples due to the ability of the apples to continue healing themselves even after being harvested from the tree. This is exactly what it does when applied to the skin as well, it restores and strengthens the elastic fibers diminishing any loose skin that water can pool into, read more on

#3: Antioxidant Blend

UV rays, chemicals, and pollution create electron-deprived destructive cells within the body known as free radicals. These toxic cells attach to healthy skin cells causing undesired the skin symptoms. Antioxidants remove free radicals before they are able to do this. Genucel chose the top three antioxidants to beat undereye bagginess: green tea leaf extract, goji berry extract, and algal extract. Green tea, in particular, contains both E and B vitamins that boost collagen production. Goji berry extract contains vitamin C to support the tightening and reduction of sunspots on the skin. Algal extract contains a plethora of vitamins to support anti-inflammation and hydration benefits.

#4: Marine Collagen

Marine collagen is a protein extricated from fish scales. The use is formalized for creating a fresh glow for the skin. Aging causes the skin to appear dull and dry. Marine collagen provides the hydration and buoyancy back and minimizes the ability for undereye bagginess to return.

Through intense research, Chamonix has created Genucel to reduce the frustrating undereye bags and other common aging frustrations.