The New Frontier of Women at Work with Smita Shah

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The social standings of the world have evolved rapidly in the last few decades. Women were once suppressed by society to stay in the house, but recent women are making up more and more of the workforce by the year. Smita Shah is one of the individuals who are leading this social movement into the business world. She has climbed her way up the corporate leader to demonstrate that women can indeed work on an equal footing to males. She recently sat down with Premier Gazette to expand on what means to be a woman and her lasting legacy.


Starting with Smita Shah’s personal history in the industry she grew up believing math was her best friend. She would frequently spend time studying social activities. This investment paid off when she was handling logistics to numerous social events. In 1998, she took her career to the next level by founding an engineering firm to help showcase her cause that women can do all the work normally associated with males. Her life mission of helping women feel special truly began to be taken seriously following this event. She cites poor self-image and self-confidence as the primary factors that prevent women from even getting off the ground.


The first step to overcoming this stigma in the eyes of Smita Shah is creating an environment where one can not only get in positions of power but proudly showcase their accomplishments. She has cited over 100 million female-run businesses around the globe as examples of what women can achieve. In order to push this social reform, she has created a series of tips to help give women some resources. The first step is simply believing in yourself. Think positive and always know that everything will work out for the best no matter what happens. Women are just as important as Men in the grand scheme of the world. Learn more:


From this point, the most important piece is securing your position in the workplace. This starts by exerting your presence and never letting anyone claim your work. Women have to be on top of everything they do and not overwork themselves into a corner. A sign of weakness would be a detriment for growth. Smita Shah finds that going beyond stereotypes and forging your own name is one of the most effective means to lock your position in a company. Women can easily achieve great things with the right approach.


The role of women in the world is changing once more as more and more feel empowered. A time will soon come when women hold a significant amount of power. This is all part of a new generation rising up into the adult world.

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