The Story of OSI Group and Impossible Foods

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

The modern business landscape is highly competitive and free flowing. Companies have to not only outwit each other, but keep consumers coming back at each point. There are times when the stars align in just the right fashion for a breakthrough between two companies. OSI Group is a meat supplier and Impossible Foods brings plant based products to the stores. While on opposite ends of the spectrum, their business models do compliment each other. It was this common point that resulted in a partnership between these two companies. The website Gazette Day recently published an article discussion how perfect they are for each other.

Impossible Foods is a young business that began as a college professor had a unique idea for how to use modern techonology as a method for creating food. He knew of the harmful effects of animal farming, and believed there was an alternative way forward. Patrick Brown’s journey from concept to reality is awe inspired for many young business leaders. He had to overcome adversity from his peers and colleges alike who didn’t believe it was possible. However, by 2016 he defined all odds by putting on a burger on store selves. Patrick Brown achieved his goal of making a legit burger form different materials. Read this article at

On the other side of this partnership is OSI Group. They have been in the business for over 100 years. The company has changed in scope and size over time, but the vision of bringing more food to more people has forever remained the same. It too was founded and succeeded against last odds. Both of these companies are the product of someone with a dream and had the personal drive to see it become a reality. The partnership increases resource accessibility for both sides. OSI Group gets to increase its grip on the industry. Impossible Foods gets to use state of art production machinery.

The industry is both competitive and full of innovation. There are times when forming partnership is the best strategy to bring together two ideas. OSI Group and Impossible Foods are merely twos of the same coin. Read: