The Ways of Reaching Consumers with Steve Lesnard

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

All throughout the 1900s, the advertising game was evolving but the core principles stood strong in the face of countless changes. However, everything changed when the smartphones began to enter the scene. Consumers were now not only less likely to go in-person, but even less likely to look around. This meant that companies had to completely overhaul how they planned to connect with consumers going forward. Steve Lesnard has been a pivotal fugue in helping companies find the resources they need to consume effective marketing tactics. He recently published an article on Medium to describes a pair of pillars to modern day marketing.

Consumers have less desire than ever before to interact with a company. This means that short and sweet messages are often not just the most effective, but generally the ones most likely to be read in the first place. Determining a phrase that encompasses everything you are selling can be a daunting task. Apple coined the phrase “10k songs in your pocket” over a decade ago. This single sentence showcases the sheer scope of the iPod. It has a high amount of storage for a device that can be slipped into your pocket. Steve Lesnard mentions how Apple continued refining this approach into the present day.

Once the tagline has been nailed down, the hard part becomes showing consumers how exactly it works. Present technology can make this process easier in some ways. Videos and interactive advertisements have made it simpler to showcase how a product works. However, some companies have instead strengthen their personal approach. Steve Lesnard discusses a company that used their mascot character to create an image of the company. He would appear in places where the product could naturally be used. Steve Lesnard finds computer based and in-person meetings to both be effective tolls for connecting directly with consumers.

The medium of advertising might have changed, but companies still rely on marketing techniques more than ever before. There is real competition over securing the eyeballs of consumers. A company who can master this art is one that is destined for long term success.

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