TigerSwan: A Security Company Explored

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james reese tigerswan What do security companies offer? Businesses, like TigerSwan, work to provide individuals and groups protection from a variety of dangerous situations. If you are a fan of spy thrillers or war movies, you probably have watched a scene where an undercover team went in to save a person. This is similar to what TigerSwan does, but they do it for real in real crisis’ involving real lives. With TigerSwan, the people do not have to be in immediate danger. They could be moving into an area that has unrest or violence, and they may hire TigerSwan to keep them out of harm’s way or to be there if something does happen.

James Reese is the CEO and creator of TigerSwan. He is uniquely qualified to manage the op

eration because he is retired from the Armed Forces. Mr. Reese honorably served over two decades, and during his service, James spent a great deal of time in the Middle East. Some of the missions he participated in were the freedom plight for Iraq and Afghanistan. James Reese earned his rank on the Delta Force team, and he appears to have taken the strength, courage, and confidence he gained from his military life into his business adventures.

James Reese is a perfect fit for TigerSwan. He brings to the table an understanding of tactics and weaponry. TigerSwan used his base as the platform to develop the security company. Because of his connections, James Reese was able to recruit many other retired Armed Forces personnel. In addition to these military-styled trained people, James Reese also brought in peace officers. Some of the office staff are regular civilians too. TigerSwan employs a wide variety of individuals whose skills cover everything from customer service to technology.

james reese tigerswan

TigerSwan is in the business of taking the danger out of the picture so that people can go about their work and life freely. James Reese is a shining example of how military training can be transposed into civilian life. TigerSwan and James Reese are supported by a veteran’s organization and disabled vets. James Reese retired with disabilities after many years of serving his country.

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