Unique Solutions From Colbeck Capital Management

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In the field of investment advisory services, Colbeck Capital Management offers financial planning, portfolio management and services for consultation. The company serves many clients throughout the United States.

Based in New York City, Colbert Capital Management was first founded in 2009. The focus of the company is on credit opportunities, such as:

  • Distressed debt
  • Strategic lending
  • Value-based investments
  • Event-driven investments

According to Business Wire, Colbeck Capital Management was recently the lead arranger of the term loan facility for Limbach Holdings, Inc. Limbach entered into a $65 million senior secured credit facility, which was comprised of a $40 million term loan. Refinancing existing indebtedness, it includes a $25 million delayed draw term loan to be used in the financing of future potential acquisitions.


The focus of Colbeck Capital Management is secure strategic loans to corporations. The capital management company believes that there are investment opportunities when “the credit markets overweight the significance of containable idiosyncratic risk and underweight the significance of fundamental credit risk.”

They target under-capitalized niches of the market while maintaining a broad spectrum of investments, with the aim of generating consistent risk-adjusted returns. Utilizing a partnership approach with management, entrepreneurs and equity sponsors is the basis for creating unique solutions to challenging capital requirements.

Strategic Capital

Their loans include:

  • Flexible covenants
  • Maturities that are short or long term
  • Unfunded commitments and letters of credit that are synthetic
  • Exit financing and Debtor in Possession (DIP)
  • Second Lien / Mezzanine and Structured Equity Financing
  • Senior Secured Loans (Asset-Based, Cash Flow, Enterprise Value)

Tight time-frames and a challenge of high complexity are some of the finance situations the company faces. Management buyouts as well as unsponsored or pre-sponsored opportunities and multi-constituent restructuring are part of their solutions.

Secured loan instruments are the means by which Colbeck aims to generate consistent current income and opportunities for upside returns. Moreover, the company believes that embracing a partnership approach regularly creates follow-on investment opportunities with excess-risk adjusted return potential.

Maintaining long-term partnerships with its clients, Colbeck is proud of this accomplishment. Most of the companies that have had investment solutions with Colbeck are still in advisory relationships with this firm. Services have included:

  • Loan underwriting
  • Loan origination
  • Strategic and operational advisiory
  • Agency servicing

Since 2009, the founders, Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman, have striven to provide creative, flexible financing solutions to unmet corporate financing requirements.

Private opportunities are originated in-house, and strategic corporate loans has been the focus. Secured loan instruments are the means by which Colbeck aims to generate opportunities for upside returns and consistent current income.

The company has offices in New York City at:

888 7th Avenue, 29th Floor

New York, NY 10106

and in Los Angeles at:

2049 Century Park East, 3rd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90067

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