Vinod Gupta Shares His Success In The Database Industry

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Vinod Gupta is an Omaha, Nebraska-based businessman. After completing his education, he joined the marketing department of a local mobile home manufacturer. His boss asked him to create a list of all the businesses in the nation that might buy their products. To compile this list, he ordered Yellow Page directories from across the country. Since he created this list on his own time, he was able to sell it to other companies in the mobile home industry.

He took out a small bank loan so that he could afford a direct mail marketing campaign. Vinod Gupta says that he started getting responses right away. He realized that other industries could benefit from similar national lists which became his business model. He founded American Business Information and started hiring staff to keep up with demand.

Years later he sold this company, now called InfoGROUP, for $680 million. He now operates an investment firm, Everest Group, through which he invests in companies in the database industry. Vinod Gupta is also a consultant who helps these types of companies that are failing. He has turned around many companies using his vast knowledge of databases and management.

Vinod Gupta says that he doesn’t get overly involved in the day-to-day business of Everest Group or that of the companies he is consulting for. He has found that he needs to focus on long-term goals instead. It’s impossible to manage both day-to-day operations and focus on the long term he says.

He says that his education enabled his success in the business world. His father had been a doctor who helped him study. Vinod Gupta says his dad was a great tutor and instilled in him the value of education. He took his education seriously and by doing so has found many opportunities.

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