What inspires Glenn Schlossberg’s designs

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Some things can be hidden, but the love for fashion is not one of them. Glenn Schlossberg’s passion for fashion is both evident in how he talks about it, and more importantly, on the work he does creating fashion pieces. As the CEO of Jump Design Group, Glenn brings both the business expertise essential in running a successful fashion line, but he also brings the love for fashion that is integral in designing pieces that not only sell but pieces that awe.

Unlike most contemporary fashion designers, Glenn Schlossberg was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is from a humble background; a son of a dressmaker. But Glenn always saw a need in fashion. Upon realizing that the old-fashioned industry ways of cloth designing could not keep up with the increasing population and demand for quality pieces, Glenn decided to dive into the fashion industry.

According to dailyforexreport, having found a problem, Glenn felt that he felt he would be better suited to solve it given his background and his love for the industry; and this is how Jump Design Group was conceived. But Glenn knew that there was one more challenge that he needed to overcome; creating quality fashion pieces in a factory setup. Quantity is always given priority when designing and manufacturing clothing in a factory setup, and Glenn was confident he could do better by also offering quality.

What you need to know about Glenn Schlossberg and Jump Design Group

Glenn Schlossberg attended the New York Fashion Institute of Technology when he was still young. Add this to growing up in a family deeply rooted in the fashion industry, and it is no coincidence that Jump Design Group is a success. New York has always been a fashion hotspot. While spending considerable time in NYC, Glenn was able to learn from one of the most fast-paced fashion scenes and gave him an idea of what he wanted his company Jump Design Group to be someday.

Glenn and his team of talented designers spend a lot of time traveling across the globe attending fashion shows. By doing this, Glenn and his team can know the current, and most exciting fashion trends globally, something that is of great importance in the fashion industry. During these fashion shows, Glen and his team of designers are also always on the lookout for trends that sell; this helps them come up with relevant designs that can be incorporated into the everyday wardrobe.